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So who gets the biggest piece of cake??!!


Something today makes me want to write about 3 years i have lived in Delhi as a student, something inside my head wants me to write on the people i have been associated with for past 3 years, its maybe the feeling of wanting to re-live the past or just thinking how far we have come ever since we started...
So it all started 3 years back, almost, i knew we were all so nervous, excited and full of life wanting to start at a new something called- College. I was moving in from Chandigarh- the city of small dreams, yes it's small, Pun-jabicallly beautiful and so what if it isn't as big as Mumbai or Delhi, which are land of unlimited dreams, Chandigarh did give wings to my dreams of studying Journalism, okay maybe some people pushed me to it, but it all happened @ Chandigarh. So with all luggage, we came to a City, that i never felt i belonged to till i actually started living in here, (FYI now i consider myself to be a pseudo Dilli-ite, ok i am a desi version of the real Delhites but never-mind.) like i have put it, there were many others like me, some had pre-conceived notions about college life, some had overrated dreams about college while there were others who had fantasies, the ones u see in movies and TV about college...However there is one thing i would like you all to know, the ones with fantasies, had the best possible prediction of my college. Yes ASCO, as we put it, is a dream college, maybe not for all, because it was perhaps the batch, the craziest lot, that was a dream batch. We played Holi like no one else at the university, we are a huge-ass university by the way, you want a course, we make one even if you are the only student enrolled in that course, thankfully mine had a large population of species, that made everyday a new drama day. We fraught, we loved, we broke hearts, we attacked our H.O.D with eggs, no it wasn't any protest it was a fun filled way of saying-'Happy Holi', (that's how its put in the official statement. I met someone called Party Khan, there is a reason why i am starting with him, he is someone u cant believe he really is. ASCO adopted a new subject in the curriculum called- P-A-R-T-A-y, courtesy Party khan. He was a one man army, from everyone's entry to the venues, he has been managing it all, If he gets elected in the parliament, the entire country will be partying for sure. Ok, then i met the Dass, oh boy he underwent serious transition, from that chubby little bwoy(don't kill em for this please) to current project manager at Leo Burnette Worldwide, this once upon time Pond's goggly woggly wush brand ambassador is making it big in his career, good thing! and then there were some breeding models who would eat sleep and dink mac foundation, diplomatically being correct they were good on he college ramp. If you think Amir Khan is too much of an overrated filmmaker, well wait till you meet the budding directors and editors in my batch. They were good at their work but good, and so good that we barely saw any films from these guys, well i do remember the one in which Saumitra- the rockstar (that's how his FB Display name read, i have got nothing to do with it, really) delivered the best of SRK acting skills, but i have to admit he designed my sister's best bachelorette party invitation ever...oh and i just remembered we had a guy called Eby who could mouth deejay songs, yeah he could sing bollywod mashups, and he danced, danced and danced that we eventually had to believe he was a dancer. There were hidden loverbirds, i don't know if i am allowed to name them on my blog, but all those in BJMC 3A exactly know who i am talking about, after all the loverbirds came from a different world, They sat like they were in Taj hotel's lobby and they argued with all teachers, but hey Rahul did make sense at times and it helped us all to do away with a boring lecture...for this we will always be grateful to him adn shhh..every class has bunkers, they never came, came just to get the attendances on track- the likes of this group were inclusive of Rishabs, chopras, (well college ended with his new bangs, behls, kapils,gogias and Rawats, But when they made it to the class, they were show stealers. WE had the best footballers like you see on the TV, Siddhart Chauhan can tell u better about this, so what if we didn't win a single university tournament, we still had the biggest support and the loudest cheering from the Department always. MUSIC, it ran in the alcohol induced blood of many, We had the best singers, best guitarist, and the best performers, Marodia, a dynamite, i still remember he surprised us all with that power packed performance at Big picture with his band when seeing him perform made us all go like...'w--hh--aaatt--t--fu-c-laa-p-ss! And you knew there was a girl called Sadhvi, she grabbed the maximum eye+balls for her obvious hotness and the stance. There was someoen called as Kavisha, She was a gothic dream for many guys,And before i get into the details of everyone i possible met at college, i want to end by saying, that Kabeeeras and shokeeenas are rare breeds u see, they stick to u like a leech and ensure that u'll never be able to get rid of them,for this i have endless reasons to thank them however, tandon and verma and smalleys like Swarn are forever going to be special maybe cause the college picture looks complete with these guys being in it.....oh and yes, that reminds me, what actually made me want to write this post today was the Class Picture posted on a friends page on facebook where none of us are actually interested,well thats hpw BJMC 3A has been most of the times (the uninterested part),anyway god bless Mark Zukerberg and his team....and the cake well it belongs to each one of us, who made memories all these years, all those who have been part of my college universe, all i can say is good luck you guys!!!

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  1. Wao....Somewhere i am kinda happy to see me being mentioned in the list of Topper of the class..whom i always respected for what she was... Memories came alive although i was not ever the Sticky part of the class.. but lovely interpretation and pure blend of events and persons together. Lovely reading it was..somewhere it retained my smile throughout the reading... !! Thanks Devina for giving me smile for minutes!:)

    1. I am glad you didn't kill me for it! it's all in good spirits though.

  2. beautiful past you have...lie it
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