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A Secret...!


So we have come a long way, from growing up to realizing that our late night phone calls to friend/s do something to our parents, from hearing, 'now you know how difficult it is to make money' to being has begun to feel like its running, running on a course that seems to just go on.Yes, waking up every morning for work isn't as bad as realizing, that a day has already ended. Something, somewhere is missing. No we all have our share of fun with our friends/laughter moments at work/admiration from parents yet there is something that doesn't look perfect in the picture. I see people struggling to be happy, ad then i wonder if i really am happy? It's a question that perhaps we all, yes WE all ask ourselves each day, and then there are people who enlighten us with philosophical stuff/things/language like, 'we need to be happy with what we have, what we are doing..blah..blah.' Well the good news is that i have found the secret to be sort-of-happy. OK i am no Deepak Chopra, or baba ramdev who has invented a trick that states if you rub your upper jaw against the lower, you shall end up with unlimited happiness and hair growth on your head! The good news is, that I am just another somebody who is undergoing alot of transformation as the life rolls and i like to write about this entire experience. i am sure everyone who reads this wants to figure out the answer, but before that, i want to update everyone about the girl from "winter Love" post, (in case you don't remember, please check the previous posts, wont take long thou), the man who saw her dance, has confessed his love to her. She too totally loves the thought of being in love, but now she has come a long way in life. That man loves her, in phases, but he does love her, he loves being around her but there is a BUT in this story...well i guess time only will tell what's in store for her, them, him,. Anyway, life seems to have just started for everyone around me. For some its new work, new projects, new house while for others its the new clothes that will be delivered soon by their favorite online shopping website, everyone has something to hold on to for a smile perhaps. This reminds me, a friend had gone for Armin Van Buuren's concert. He not only made some of the most crazy videos with no faces, no people, nobody, but he also received immense happiness in sharing it with everyone on his bb! Ok, so he inspires me to share the secret, just to be the right happy, all we need to do is to start noticing ourselves while we smile. Yes, it's that simple. It may not go down well with most of you, but wait, you need to try this. while you smile, look at yourself carefully, from merely looking at our face to the wrinkles, smile when there ain't many people around you, or when there ain't many talking lips. while we do this process, our unconscious mind goes to all those instances that made us smile, perhaps always, perhaps yesterday or perhaps just ONCE. It helps in remembering people/things/memories that matter to each of us, okay if it takes you to the sad side of it, you must immediately frown and it will all be fine! happiness sometimes is uncalled for, sometimes it just comes with a bang, and rest of the times we seek for it. We are still in a better place if we are in the above 3 category than those who perhaps cannot celebrate their lives at all.
Love; it all starts with love, ends in love or sometimes hurts instead, just the way Adele says it! one thing that always makes me smile about "love" is that how easily it changes someone's life, their being for forever...! so i plan to pray for you all, who have been with me, been part of my little universe that you all keep happy, wherever you are. After-all, we are all under the same sky!

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