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9 Things That Are Worse Than Cheating In A Relationship!


Cheating is the biggest and the quickest relationship kill but there are many other things that are much more potent when it comes to ruining even the strongest of bonds. Some of the worst things that can lead to couples drifting apart or separating start with small things that we don't even realize can kill a relationship!

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1. Being Fake 
Pretending to be someone else or painting a false picture of yourself at the beginning. This can be as simple and small as pretending to like horror movies when you actually hate them, or as big as saying you're not looking for anything serious when, in fact, you are. It's best to be upfront from the get to, because those little things can become huge reasons to breakup over time.

2. Lack of communication
This one one of the major relationship kill. Communicating doesn't mean texting each other all day but talking to each other about things, sharing views, indulging in healthy discussions etc. Lack of communication leads the unsaid stuff to pile up and become major issues later. 

3. Lying or Hiding things 
The old saying that if a truth can save you or the other some heartache then it shouldn't be revealed is all wrong! Even if you're hiding or lying about something out of love to protect their feelings, keeping little things from someone can grow into a big problem and cause trust issues that wreck a relationship. Best advise would be to never indulge into anything that you have to hide from your partner!

4. Holding grudges or resentment
You should never hold any grudges against your partner or harbor quiet resentment. These things can come up during arguments  and can lead to unforeseen damage. It starts out quietly but becomes something big over time, which is what makes it so damaging.

5. Cribbing or arguing over small things
Arguing or cribbing about mundane, daily issues and chores can make your partner start silently resenting you. Sure, the argument might be about putting wet towel on bed or taking dirty shoes to bathroom but that's the sort of thing that just becomes a great issue over time, and even worse, it can become ammo for bigger, more serious arguments down the road. 

6. Being stubborn 
This is just another way of saying "refusing to compromise." If you like somebody, you should be willing to compromise. Partners who can only handle things if they go a certain way (their way) are basically just in relationships with themselves. 

7. Behaving Superior
Talking down to a partner is just another way of making yourself bigger or more powerful than them, and a power imbalance is the last thing you want in a lasting, healthy relationship. It hurts the self esteem of other person which can be very damaging for a relationship.

8. Being Jealous or Manipulative
Even without actual cheating, just the suspicion that it's always happening can be very damaging to the relationship. Manipulation often starts as subtle, and you don't realize you're manipulating or being manipulated until it's way too late. There can be a gradual loss of self esteem during the relationship through a process of manipulation by the other partner.

9. Withholding Affection
Whether affection means being really lovey-dovey, or having intense discussions about meaningful things, or helping each other through daily chores, being absent and neglecting the partner can cause the kind of doubts in a relationship that end up being irreparable. 

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  1. These are all SO true. Each one can be a relationship killer. Not right away but over time.