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A Letter to the Heart.


Hi all, I know I have been missing out on all action when it comes to blogging and writing posts. There is a lot that has been happening at my end. Some decisions I am proud of and some I am not sure of yet. I think there comes a time in everyone's life when despite having a comfortable cushion underneath their butt, one suddenly wakes up to follow a pending dream, not sure if it's big. I have a secured job, interesting hobbies, some lucrative avenues and a lot more than I could have ever thought of right now, but then there is time that hasn't been amazingly favorable to me lately. Yes there are certain things one isn't suppose to scribble, but I am holding all that courage it's needed to write this post.  My family has seen a lot in the recent past, a lot is an understatement too, but I still feel everyday has made me move on but not that strong as it's suppose to be. I have been a avid baker and have gathered immense appreciation for blogging so much so that I have always felt that if I want, one day I can do something of my own, and I have never felt any patient for that one day. But again, we are all living in real world where we just can't one day wake up and say, 'hey you know what I am going to pursue what I want' and this is also because I have some people who I cant just leave and go, some people who need me around them more than my dream itself, some people who are more than the word family. I am over complaining, cursing, whining about things around me, and yes, it didn't help me or anyone ever. 

Being an Armyman's daughter, people presume one to be strong in and out, the truth (that most of the people closest to me know) is that I am as vulnerable as anybody, anywhere in the world. What I am really meaning to say today is that, for the first time in life, I feel insecure about everything around me and the only thing I know of is not to commit to anyone when you are most unsure about your life. The second biggest insecurity I have today is, loosing on to people who matter to me the most, I know a lot of people who feel the same but the point here is that it's really very very, yes very difficult to imagine a world without people who matter to you the most, but again the only thing I know here is that I will never stop holding on them, no matter what. My daddy says, nobody can steal your dreams and the best ones happen with open eyes; well I will hope that everyone reading this, pray for us all. Lastly, I have take a major decision in my professional life after ignoring the time around me, I don't know what path am I taking, but what I really hope is that everything I do or say today gets me to see the world I have been wanting to see, gets me a dream I have been wanting to live. 

P.S. I will update more relevant posts on food, weddings, fashion, everything in sometime. Thank you for supporting my writing even though I am so not regular at it.

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  1. May god gve you the strength to deal with it all. It's a phase that will soon be gone. Good luck

  2. Your father is right, nobody can steal your dreams. Always listen to your heart, it keeps you going.