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3 Life Lessons You Can Learn From EXTROVERTS !


If you think of extroverts as shallow and abrasive, you might wonder what you could possibly learn from them. But don’t make the same mistake many people do by misjudging and dismissing them. Extroverts simply like being around other people. Being around others actually, gives them energy. They enjoy working with others to get things done.For this reason, people who prefer extraversion have an advantage in large social settings and in work groups.”

 Read on to discover what lessons you can learn from extroverts.

  • Extroverts are usually great talkers, They can tell stories, hold groups spellbound and entertain a room. Extroverts are the masters of small talk. They thrive on the experience of being around other people.Not surprisingly, a study published in the Journal of Psychology found extroverts tend to have a more positive-communicator image than introverts -- that is, extroverts perceive themselves to be good communicators -- and those with a high-communicator image will naturally find interaction with others easy. Nevertheless, “introverts, too, can learn the skills of small talk and how to function at social events, It just has to be learned rather than coming naturally as it does for extroverts.” The more you engage in small talk with those around you -- co-workers etc.the more comfortable you’ll become with casually striking up a conversation.
  • Generally speaking, extroverts are adventurous, usually saying yes to new situations and opportunities,. “They have social courage, and a lot of us need to learn from that, Their openness to others often translates to openness to new concept.This is great for mental flexibility, moving new muscles, trying new ideas.” In fact, those who are less daring might consider trying a little adventure occasionally,Being open to these new experiences, which may take an introvert out of their comfort zone, is an important part of learning and be growing in life. 
  • While the ability to be at home in a crowd may offer the opportunity for a wider variety of discussions and ideas, it could also lead to a greater commitment to personal health. “Extroverts are sociable individuals who are action-oriented and very comfortable in groups,” “These qualities make it more likely that an extrovert would enjoy being physically active as a member of a fitness group or a gym, which is great for accountability and consistency.” You don’t have to be a constant social butterfly at your gym, but getting to know a few of the regulars might help you form a stronger commitment to working out regularly.

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