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5 Effective Ways To Become A Morning Person !


As a person who’s suffered from sleep less night all her life, trust me when I say waking up early is not a walk in the park.  As comfortable as the covers are, I know that responsibilities await me, and the house isn’t going to clean itself. However strong the reason was, it wasn’t enough to convince me to wake up early. Until, one day, it struck me! I must have something to look forward to in the mornings that would give me the incentive to wake up!
With that in mind, I prepared a list of things and did them every morning. I’ve changed my morning routine. I am sharing some valuable tips that have helped me rise like the early bird. Here they are ! 

  • The first thing you must do is, open the curtains and let the sun light come in. If your room is dark, you will convince yourself to sleep some more. Until the Sun makes an entrance, you’re just going to keep hitting that snooze button and sleep snugly under your blanket.
  • A little music in the morning uplifts you. To be honest, you can do the most boring of chores, and won’t even realize how time has flown. 
  • Always have a good and delightful breakfast . Now this one, is most important people. You can NEVER  have a lovely day without a tasty breakfast.
  • A great thing to do will be to do some catching up with with the world, This can be done by skimming the headlines. If the newspaper depresses you then read something uplifting. A few tidbits of a magazine or some juicy articles on the web! Maybe you could catch up on that novel you’ve been meaning to read?
  • One really good thing , that you all can do is Sort out your thoughts. Take about 5 minutes in the morning to write down the things you need to accomplish before the day is through

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