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#BodyPositive: Blogger Amanda Bhandari Talks About Self Love


It gives me immense happiness to begin the #BodyPositive campaign with a Fashion blogger (what I was waiting for) and Here I present to you guys- Amanda Bhandari from Stylecoquettes


As a kid people around would always tease me because of my broad built, yes according to the Indian standards I have real wide shoulders and since I am 5’8’’ I always felt like this "Big fat girl" compared to all my friends, honestly at times I felt like a dude and to top it all I had developed an ugly hunch. But then eventually as I grew old I realized that I need to embrace my body structure and roll with it, I have to say my parents were very supportive they taught me to be proud of my appearance and carry myself with panache.

And yes today I love the fact that I am tall and have broad shoulders. Guess what?  I have realized having broad shoulders makes your waste look smaller and plus I think classic dresses , blazers and button down shirts look sharper on me than anyone else because I have broad shoulders and a great height ;)
I feel all of us are unique in our own way and the best way to look beautiful is by embracing your uniqueness!!!

Miss Guilty Notes: Thank you Amanda for telling us all how amazingit is to be proud of every little part of one's ownself. You truly are gorgeous in every way. The next time someone tells a plus size girl' to go eat a salad' or a skinny girl to 'go eat a sandwich' just tell that person to drink a warm glass of "shut the hell up." I am proud to present to you guys an all new real girls campaign, #BodyPositive. If you too, have a story to share or have struggled for acceptance or you have found your calling or you just want to be featured here then please drop a line on or just drop a comment, I will get back to you!
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