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#BodyPositive: All New Campaign to Embrace The Real You


Plus Size Modeling conducted a poll on its Facebook page on Dec. 18 asking, "Should toy companies start making Plus Sized Barbie dolls?" In just under two weeks, a picture of the poll has received over 40,000 likes, 5,000 comments and 2,700 shares. I was sad to read comments coming from people. While some mocked at the new barbie size, others stated that This whole plus-size Barbie thing is utterly ridiculous. Since apparently we're encouraging obesity, lets also come out with diabetes Barbie too. Comments like these made me feel really sad and why is it that we people don't believe in accepting diversity in our lives?

It's about time we tell each other and ourselves that unrealistic body standards don't define beauty! The solution to this problem can only be found in imbuing young girls with self-respect and self-esteem. Falling prey to stereotypes can be overcome if we can believe that having a positive attitude about one's body and body type is far more preferable than any fantasy girl promoted in ads and TV shows. There's nothing wrong with being plus-sized if you're a woman as long as you're healthy. I don't know why everyone is making a deal big about plus size Barbie or the idea of a curvy woman as toy, I kinda like the idea, it makes me feel like I could be Barbie too!

The only underlying message to all woman who constantly worry about not measuring up to the artificial standards of beauty being pushed by the fashion and entertainment industries is that it's about time we embrace ourselves. I love brands that seek to form a bond between women of different izes, because it's through the appreciation bad love of those different from us that we can truly come to love ourselves. Realise your beauty, power and worth today, and then go for something you thought wasn't possible for you 'yet' or 'until' you reach some other point. Loving yourself is the key to unlocking a wealth of health. Don't wait for a specific bodytype to arrive at your doorstep before you can show that you love yourself; start NOW AND SEE WHAT MAGIC AWAITS YOU!

 The next time someone tells a plus size girl' to go eat a salad' or a skinny girl to 'go eat a sandwich' just tell that person to drink a warm glass of "shut the hell up." I am proud to present to you guys an all new real girls campaign, #BodyPositive. If you too, have a story to share or have struggled for acceptance or you have found your calling or you just want to be featured here then please drop a line on or just drop a comment, I will get back to you!

Get set to read inspirational stories of women who changed the way they looked at themselves, some known bloggers and what does it really take to be #BodyPositive. Inspired from Honor Elizabeth Curves.

Join the movement on Facebook here-#BodyPositive

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