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5 Mistakes Deepika Padukone Would Never Repeat!


It's happy brithday time for my gorgeous girl crush, Deepika Padukone! I am a little late in wishing this beauty, however I couldn't do without doing a post on her. I was feeling sly, and here I present to you guys- five mistakes Deepika would never repeat!

Mistake #1 She Won't Repeat : Never Dating A Struggling Actor.

Yes, you read it right, Deepika and Nihar Pandya were once upon an item. The so called actor was struggling back then, and well a little birdie told Miss Guilty that he still is. Deepika had met Nihar in an acting school and had started off with doing music videos around the same time. The two were in a live-in relationship before she broke up and went ahead with Ranbir Kapoor. Himesh Reshammiya's music video I Love You Sayonee featured Nihar while Aap Kaa Surroor had Deepika. Life changed for Deepika after Om Shanti Om while Nihar was seen in a brief role in the Salman Khan starrer Marigold. The aspiring actor is now, however, looking at a better launch with director Prashant Chadha. Buzz is that the movie's script is inspired by Nihar and Deepika's story.

Mistake #2 She Won't Repeat : Never Sealing A Victory with A Kiss.

Let's admit we all loved watching that picture of Sid Mallya and Deepika during IPL on the internet, I mean It was such a rage after all. We never had an Indian celeb lip locking publicly (read intentionally) and being all over TV screens, newspapers etc. Deepika Padukone haD sealed her love for Kingfisher scion Siddharth Mallya with a kiss in an overtly public display of affection. When Royal Challengers convincingly thrashed Shah Rukh Khan's Kolkata Knight Riders by nine wickets at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, an ecstatic Siddharth tightly caught hold of the sultry Bollywood star to plant a fullmouthed kiss. In fact, her closeness to Siddharth resulted in Deepika's arch rival Katrina Kaif distancing herself from the Royal Challengers. But Guess what, the kiss at that time put rest to rumours doing the rounds that Deepika's affair with Siddhath was close to going bust, sadly It did, a bit later though!

Mistake #3 She Won't Repeat : Tattooing Initials, Not Hers, Not Anyone's.

When love was at the peak, Deepika Padukone tattooed Ranbir Kapoor’s initials RK on the back of her neck and what sounded surprising a year later, during an event of her movie Raam Leela,  its that even after a year long of separation, the long legged actress did not erase the tattoo and was open to pictures and clicking et al. In an interview in 2008 Ranbir took pride in Deepika saying, "She has achieved so much in so little time. I am so happy to be part of her life". When asked about marriage, Ranbir brushed it aside. However, the relationship snapped after two years amidst rumours of infidelity. Why? Katrina Kaif happened! 

Mistake #4 She Won't Repeat : Not Leaving A Chance to Dig on Ex's-Current-Girlfriend

Deepika Padukone’s reaction on Katrina Kaif’s leaked bikini pictures angered Katrina to an extent that she asked the Cocktail actress to mind her own business. It was only some time back when in an interview given to a leading news agency Deepika Padukone expressed her opinion on the hoopla being created because of the Kat’s leaked bikini pictures. She said, “It has never happened with me. I believe if you are a celebrity or public figure... these things are bound to happen. And I don't think you can accuse anybody of anything. If I am a public figure and if someone has captured me then I feel I should have been a little careful.” This remark didn't go down too well with Katrina and she retaliated by asking her to shut up. Katrina has gently reminded Deepika that she too is sailing on the same boat and not to forget how her kissing pictures with Ranveer Singh were leaked! This is one fight, I love to read about after all.

Mistake #5 She Won't Repeat: Never Playing Cricket

First, Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni spilled the beans by expressing his admiration for actress Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan's heroine in Om Shanti Om. This opened the Pandora's box – letting rumourmongers have their field day. Adding more fuel to the fire, Dhoni invited Deepika to theT20 cricket match against Australia and the actress was there on the stands, cheering the team to victory. Reacting to the skipper's comment that he has a crush on her, Deepika made a fitting reply saying that it flattered her. And then The 'Dhoni-Deepika affair' game began there. 

Then was the time when the lady went all the way to Australia to celebrate her 22nd Birthday with the Punjabi Munda- Yuvraj Singh. Deepika was expected to spend a month in Australia for the shooting of her Yash Raj film. But the actress left Mumbai two days before the start of her shooting schedule to spend time with Yuvraj and then we are all aware of their 'just friends' statuses and more...

I guess mistakes are a part of life, and (hopefully) people learn from them. I cant wait to see who this beauty will finally end up with...Let me know your thoughts on this!

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