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#BodyPositive: Blogger Shagun Talks About Being All Skinny & Yet Loving Herself!


Second edition in our #BodyPositive campaign is from another fashion+ Lifestyle blogger- Shagun Tomar from Vogue and Vegan


It is at about the age of 15 something that a girl becomes conscious about how the society looks at her. Whether, she passes as pretty or ugly or whether she meets the so called beauty standards or not. And that´s roughly the age people started scoffing at me with statements such as- `OMG! You are so skinny!` and `Why don't you eat food; just look at you!´and much more.

These and similar tormenting comments from family friends, relatives, cheesy men and women have defined my days and nights till now. I will be only lying if I said that it never affected me. At times I would get all upset and complain to my mom and sisters. But they would always tell me that I was really lucky to be thin and that how pretty I look and that somewhere did shield my confidence. Gradually, I realized the importance of self love and also learnt how to politely answer anyone who mocked at me.

These were and are my etiquette that I never replied back and told these people how ugly they look or how short and stout they are or how flimsily they dressed-because I have always respected diversity. I understand the fact that not everyone can be perfect. I choose not to make fun of things that people don't get to choose such as size, looks and color. Evolving mentally embraces these thoughts and I so wish everyone around me becomes level-headed enough to love and respect others. And the most important thing in this process is that we accept ourselves for who we are, what size are we and what colour our skin wears. Through this campaign I want to convey to every girl to love herself and to love the fat or skinny girl next to her because beauty truly lies in imperfections! Lastly, I want to shout out and tell the entire world about how much I love my body and take great pride in it.

A skinny girl in love with her body.

Miss Guilty Notes: Thank you Shagun for telling us all that sizes don't matter, what matters is how you choose to accept your own-self and let everyone know that you are proud to be you. You truly are gorgeous in every way. The next time someone tells a plus size girl' to go eat a salad' or a skinny girl to 'go eat a sandwich' just tell that person to drink a warm glass of "shut the hell up." I am proud to present to you guys an all new real girls campaign, #BodyPositive. If you too, have a story to share or have struggled for acceptance or you have found your calling or you just want to be featured here then please drop a line on or just drop a comment, I will get back to you!
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