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My Birthday Month Giveaway- I


The Lakme Absolute Fast and Fabulous nail paints are available in 30 awesome shades. I was at the beauty store to get my favorite hair serum from matrix and then I happened to see this pretty pink color nail shade. Also called as Spicy Pink, the nail paint is beautiful and superbly pretty. It dries fast like in less than a minute and has a flat brush that helps in keeping the color intact! Now that you know how awesome this nail shade is, it's time for my beautiful readers to choose a birthday nail shade for me, yes for my BIG birthday on the 31st July!


a. Tell me which nail shade in the given picture should I choose for my Birthday and why? (options below)
1- Purple Fix 2-Flaming Orange 3-Crimson Fire 4-Going Green 5-Popping Pink
 b.Drop your answers in the comment box below, you can write as much as you like
c. OR Like the Post here on Facebook- CLICK and write your answer so that I can check immediately
and yes, that's it!

The winner will get the same nail shade that they will suggest along with a surprise gift. The contest in open internationally. This giveaway is valid till 15th July only and yes don't forget to send me b'day wishes!


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  1. Ok... so I feel it should be Purple Fix. Purple is the colour of power. It symbolizes magic, grandeur, nobility and royalty too. The Queens wear purple robes!!! You being the bold, powerful, beautiful and a peppy diva with the absolute magical smile that kills.... will definitely rock Purple Fix!!! :)

  2. I feel it should be flaming orange. It combines the energy of red and the sunshine of yellow. To the human eye orange is a very hot color,so it gives the sensation of heat. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red.

  3. I'm going to choose either orange or green, if that were myself:) thank you for stopping by my blog:)

    Please welcome again. I'd love to see you there.. new look updated!



  4. Popping pink because that colour is absolutely your personality bubbly and vivacious. Love u, mom and dad

  5. Crimson Fire for you doll. You are as fiery and as hot as that colour. Happy b'day in advance honey.

  6. Flaming Orange ... coz ur flaming hawt urself...!!!! love your blogposts...Happy bday in advance!!! You are doing a superb job!

  7. Crimson Fire cuz you look smokin hot!!! :D