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Bridal Do's and Dont's for Wedding Makeup Artist!


Today's post is dedicated to my favorite people in the world- The Brides! While looking up on the internet I came across beauty/make up forums wherein Bride to be's had posted questions regarding the most important aspect of their wedding, the bridal makeup. And then I thought why not do a post around the same taking inputs from REAL BRIDES. 

Source- Mahima Bhatia Photography

Bride's Do List-

Brides Don't List-

At the same time, the Brides also shared some horror makeup stories and faux pas they were made to go through. What most brides recommended is the color of their Base that every bride must check, re-check and ensure after a couple of trail sessions. It doesn't matter if you have to pay for a trial sessions if it helps you in looking more like a bride than a drag queen on your D-day! Well i'll suggest that the Bride must carry her foundation matching her skin tone instead of taking chances. The other most important aspect many girls give a miss is the nails. Don't forget well manicured and nicely painted nails makeup for a Beautiful picture in the album. It's every girls dream to make the most beautiful bride on their day, so I guess it's better be safe than sorry. In India we are really not use to having a solo artist for the wedding as compared to the west, here we girls prefer going to salons and pick us 3 day packages etc, well all I can say is go all out for your D day, some artists from MAC are doing solo work and are reasonable but amazing, book them for a day    and make your makeup look memorable. Also make sure you most your lips all through the day using a lip balm so that when the lipstik is put the lips look softer. Oh and yes, once you are done with the lipstick, tell your friend/sister to take a picture, if the smile looks small, ask the makeup artist to make it look fuller using a lipstik brush! One last tip for the brides, in any case don't use foundation or   primer on your heenaful hand, it will settle on the mehendi, and make it look lighter, If need be, use a makeup brush to apply the same.  Hope this post has helped Bride-to-be's today. Would love to hear from you all :)

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  1. Lovely image :)

    And totally agree about ur own foundation! It's very important!


  2. really great tips (:

  3. Love the tips. Can you also tell me if we require to put primer before the foundation for a party makeup? id there any alternative for primer?


  4. This article is great full. So I see images are very fantastic for your post.

  5. nice tips :)

  6. really like the post

    Best for Party Essentials

  7. Shared! This is AWESOME stuff about the wedding makeup tips ! Thank you!