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Miss Guilty Turns Designer!


Hi beautiful followers, readers and supporters. 2014 has been one the most exciting and exhausting year of my life. Those of you, who have been a part of my journey from the start know of all the major transitions that have happened and today I cant be more proud than to tell you all that yours truly has turned to designing for The Indian Spring!

I believe each one of us have a designer, a fashionista hidden in us. I mean being brought up in the fashion rich Indian household, you get to know of fabrics like brocade, tasser silk, cotton silk at a very early age, right girls? what I really mean is that we all have brainstormed with our boutique wali to get the most desirable outfit at one point of our lives. We drew the outfits the way we wanted and it all felt like an achievement. Well here I am, trying to wear another hat. Though I have to admit that I am still learning with my design team and that there is a long way to go, but here's the first capsule for you all. And yes, we are ready with our promises to be your only online global boutique that will lend you custom fit, varied designs, fabric options and much more. Lend me support by logging onto and shop! 

Here's How I decode the design bubble. What were the key design points and briefs.

- Idea is to make the ethnic wear all the more glamorous and chic
- Say yes to collar band or bandh gala for that sharp look
- Use colors that are in and that suit the Indian Skin tone beautifully
- Minimal is the 'IT' thing for Spring Summer
- Have a look that can have multiple accompaniments like dupattas, stoles, scarfs etc
- Ivory color pants to  go well with solid hues
- Summer is hitting up hence, Cotton Silk for fabric and brocade for pants is absolutely chic.

More from the collection that you can shop from The Indian Spring 

p.s. This is just the beginning, stay tuned for more madness. :)
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