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What Queen Taught Us About 'Girly-Girl' Friendship?!


What Vijay gave back to Rani is her self-worth. Read about 5 Things That Miss Guilty learnt about girly girl friendship from this film!

1. It's absolutely okay to burp, even if you have friends tagged along. It's natural and it can be extremely therapeutic. With that friend, the whole 'impression theory' won't matter today or ever!

2. You can be best of friends even with diametrically different personalities. Lisa is a hippy at heart, wearing the skimpiest of bib and tucker and Kangna – the goody-goody gal, who knows the rules of the society by heart, at the back of her hand, got along like no one else.

3. Friendships need no judgement or parameters. You can get along with a woman who is a wild child or a single mother or a woman who drinks hard and swears hard or a combination of the above. Such friends can be a lot fun and their personal life's status does not make them an unreliable or an unstable friend.

4. It's absolutely okay to discover love, lust and life with a friend who would help you boost your low self esteem and give way to supreme confidence.We have all had that friend right? The one who constantly tells us to take a tequila shot or discusses 101 ways to make love and leaves us with a laughter riot?!

5. Friendships that witness de-glam look, those clumsy dance moves, that silly smile lasts longer. The ones where you can tell Santa-Banta jokes with your friend to a firang with absolutely no fear of being labeled as a ‘loser’are REAL friendships after-all!

Vijay takes Rani under her wing, drags her into a store with lovely Parisian clothes and generally hand-holds Rani for an enjoyable spell. If you recently met a friend like that or already have one, call them up and go out partying tonight!
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