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5 Facts About Atif Aslam You Dint Know!


Happiest Birthday my favorite singer of all times. People like Atif are the reason why music knows no boundaries, no religions, no countries at all! So on his birthday today, Miss Guilty brings to all it's Atif fans, (just like me) five facts you didn't know about him-

1. According to Atif, if he wasn't a singer, he would have been a  cricketer!

2. Atif left Jal because he wanted his brother to be the manager of the band. On the other hand, Goher’s brother also wanted to become the manager. This created disputes and consequently Atif left the band.

3. Before the release of his 1st album “Jal Pari” Gohar Mumtaz accused Atif of copying his own album’s name. Later then, Atif Aslam smartly changed the name of his album to “Jal Pari”. Jal’s and Jal Pari’s songs shared resemblance which also created copyright problems.

4. Atif Aslam’s on-stage rock star move is “The backward bend”. Notice him next time when you attend his concert.

5. Atif, whose love life was secret for so many years before he finally tied a knot with his now wife,Sarah Bharwana, met her about 12 years ago before finally saying I do! Atif, 30, and Sara were going around for seven years but managed to keep their courtship and marriage plans a secret.

But as they say, with so many accomplishments to his credit we think Atif Aslam has more than a million reasons to celebrate his birthday every year with or without controversies. Wink wink! So here’s wishing the supremely talented Atif a very happy birthday!
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