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The story of Choc-o-bake


It started with me and my mother watching 'my' favorite Tv show: The Nigella Lawson's- Nigella Bites. She isn't just a food enthusiast, but a food goddess, she know how to cook, the perfect way! What I truly love about her, is that perfect smile she wears all through out the cooking procedure, that also includes her highly appetizing sexy expressions. Yes, I love food, and the art of making it...!

Anyway, so as we finished off with her show, grabbing a paper and pen, all set in mood to bake, I stormed into my kitchen!
from the bedroom to the kitchen, I really didn't look anywhere, but wait, as soon as I started looking for the ingredients of my dish, I noticed a familiar, really known face, standing with anticipation next to the microwave, I gave a look that was meant to say, 'huh? why can't you ever let me do things on my own, i am all grown up you know.' And I was successful in doing so, because the familiar feminine figure, my MOTHER, left the kitchen with a silent grief.

Er..there was an awkward silence for a while, but Nigella's recipe was ruling my mind and I continued my baking spree. So after listing and figuring out most of the ingredients, I started running all around for the cake. Felling like a complete Nigella, i mixed evrything i found into a loarge bowl! Ok i was happy till i put my skills into the micro for baking! Half an hour I kept staring at the micro screen and what i got was a gooey, greasy, undercooked piece of not-at-all edible cake, FINE, it was something close to a cake!

And then was the climax and my hero;
We started TOGETHER, all of a sudden, my Flat-ly placed, Under cooked byte saw a ray oh hope with mamma's fingers coming into play! Soon the kitchen witnessed a magic show, I tell you why, because the utensils seemed to move on there own, the ingredients of the cake followed the measuring cup rule all by themselves, Mum was like a fairy strolling around with a smile, wider than that of Nigella, Literally! My lips curled into smile when I saw her taking the charge of the Baked ruins of past...! She looked much smarter than I thought she would be, but unlike us, (the children), her skills in the kitchen did not affect her attitude, she did not make me feel like a miss-know-it-all-NOT at all.

It is rightly said that one can learn alot by just looking at things carefully, I looked at this beautiful woman baking with passion and ever since I am thinking that how in the middle of growing up, we often forget that our parents who have alwyas been doing so much more than we ever expect, are growing old too. They aren't moody like most of our friends who would do the most important things for us just because we would drive them around or take them for parties to big places, nor do they come out to be the seasonal bf's/gf's whom we end up giving beyond our capabilities, often leading to regret.
Even thou I was never so vocal about my mom being as good as Nigella, or maybe more special than her, we did have a great time sharing laughs, giggles, serious expressions, all this and more baking, TOGETEHR!

And today remembring my mum's special Choco-cake, I feel I have to go a long way in baking and in Life..Yeah!

But wait, here's the recipe for the successful cake mix:
1. Take 1 cup Flour
2. Add 1/2 cup of oil to the flour and whisk.
3. To the mixture add 1 and a half cup of Sugar and half cup of milk, mix well.
4. Break 2 eggs, whisk them and add it to the mixture.
5. Add 2 teaspoon vanilla essence, 2 Table spoon Coco powder and 1 teaspoon Baking soda.
6. Lastly add some melted choclate and mix the batter with great LOVE and bake...!

Happy trying! :D :)

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  1. I Miss Your Baking.... It's high time u get something for me in office :D

  2. I still remember the cakes you baked at home and we used to get a chance to taste them next day in college... i miss those days and specially your cakes devi...