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#Guiltfree Mango Cheesecake


So criticism is importation part of life but what people forget is that thin line between criticizing and defaming! I am a strong believer that the best and the worst of the people make mistakes but the former ones, learn from it all and eat a cake! Today's post is part of my #Healthyeating series wherein I have created recipes, all inspired from food writers across using the last set of mangoes from the season.

Say hello to Guiltfree mango Cheesecake :)

It takes efforts, concepts and skills to get a blog-post right! It's not about an image, it's about a concept to be bale to get through people and entice them with a fancy form of writing, but anyway this post is out of sheer love, sheer love for everything sweet and my curves. Yes it was about time I  looked after my curvy tales and in this last season of mangoes, I indulged in this healthy awesomeness.  Read more for the recipe-

The lovely ingredients you need for this guilt-free cheesecake are- Parle G biscuits2 packets, you can opt for mcvities in-case you want to completely cut down on calories, you need hung yogurt 2 cups, hang it so that you get water free, creamy texture. Yogurt is the main ingredient so make sure you use a fresh one! You need mangoes 2 would suffice, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 1 tsp gelatine and sugar-free sweetness-1/2 cup. I have opted for sugar free because I am keeping a check on the additional sugar flowing freely in my body!  

There are two steps coupled in the picture above. Firstly churn all the biscuits in a mixer and add coco powder 2 table spoon in it. Add 1 tspn butter in order to get the mixture a bit gooey so that it sticks to the baking tray. Then place it on the pan like a layer. In the next step, mix sugar-free and yogurt together along with mango paste. While you add sugar, you will realize appearance of water in the mixture but dont worry just cut and fold the mix. 

Once you mix well, take 1tsp of gelatin, add 3tblspn water and heat it over gas so that the gelatin boils. Add gelatin to the mix. It helps cheesecake set well, so don't miss this step.

Pour the mixture well and put it in fridge to freeze (overnight). Your mixture will look like this and because of gelatin you will feel the mixture maybe a bit wobbly, if it is, then its perfect to set! 

Okay I know my knife skills need improvement but hey it tasted awesome. So yes once it is set overnight, garnish it with mangoes and try different patterns, like flowers or shapes as per your choice and indulge in this #guiltfree delight happily!

Do let me know your thoughts on this by dropping a comment below.
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  1. Love the recipe! Thanks for sharing. But can you suggest other options other than mango too?

  2. omg... I'm drowning in my pool of drool... Litetally. I'm definitely trying this....

  3. love the recipe... Go fat free... i sure am trying this one!

  4. Great work! Couldn't' have been better.