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Lakme Enrich Satins 131 Lipstick Review


Contributed by Tisha

Hi Girls, I am new here :)  Today I will be reviewing a lipstick  by  Lakme. Lakme is one brand that has been around for years now and most Indian women who are into makeup have had bought one Lakme product at some point in her life. I  Remember years ago when I was a preteen-ish kid,  my aunt use to have lots of Lakme enrich lipsticks and I use to drool over them :p She had a  huge collection of them.  Lakme  has a wide array ofand Lipsticks,and I really mean huge! It started with  Enrich lipsticks and now there is lip love,absoute matte, absolute creme, 9  to 5,aqua shine and various other variants.

Description: Lipstick rich color takes life in a luxuriously creamystick that brings satin to your lips. Enriched with sunscreens, vitamins and the goodness of olives, your lips will have a story to share. Indulge in a pod of beautiful shades ranging from floral pinks to shimmering peaches.
Price : Rs 225 for 4.4 g

My experience:

Shade : This is a  very pretty neutral -kinds MLBB shade that one can easily wear daily,this is kind of muted pink type nude, kind of like Colorbar bare but different and much much more sheer. Girls who are into  smokey eyes/heavy eye makeup will love this as it is perfect with smokey eyes, but for me, I like neutral eyes, nude lipsticks and everything subtle so great for me.It is one the lighter side so it will wash out very fair skintones, it is good for medium and dusky skinned ones. Do not own Mac mehr but  I think this is a dupe of Mac mehr! Both are similar nudes with pink hues.

Texture,finish& staying power: Texture is creamy and glides on very easily, but if lips are severely dry or flaked or has fine line, it accentuates those. Finish is creamy-kinds and good and if it would be a MAC lippie,I would call it cremesheen(not that I have one ;). It has a kinda strong typical ''lipstick'' smell,can't describe but  it is there in many lipsticks.Staying power is not very good,it stays for 5 hours or so without meals then it fades, If you eat with this one,you will be left with nude lips.

Pros of  Lakme Enrich Satins 131 Lipstick :

1)Beautiful MLBB shade

2)Looks like a dupe of Mac Mehr to me

3)Creamy,non drying tecxture

4)Wide array of shades to choose from


Cons of Lakme Enrich Satins 131 Lipstick :

1)Staying power could have been better

2)Packaging is ok but nothing fancy and if you own alot these,you will have trouble finding (not a con for me though but for Lakme-hoarders)

3)The ''lipstick'' smell is strong and I dislike it

4)Washes out pale/very fair skintones


Will I recommend   Lakme Enrich Satins 131 Lipstick ? Yes I will ! :)
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