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Review Loreal Paris Color Riche Nail Ingenious Rose 209


Contributed by Saraswathi Sneha

I used new Loreal Paris Color Riche Nail Color – Shade – 209 Ingenious Rose to try it on my nails. This is one among the extensive collection of L’OrĂ©al Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis introduced by Loreal Paris Colour Creative Director Orrea Light.

Initially when I applied the color on my nails, the first thing that I noticed was the capability of the brush which just carried the right amount of color during the first application. Usually all the other brushes tend to carry quite a large amount of color and I quickly apply it to at least 2-3 nails with the intention of not wasting it. On researching about the brush i found out that it is patented and the flat brush comes with extra precision that allows only the right amount of color for the application of top coat. This color is gel based and it glides very smoothly on nails. It is heavily pigmented and the range of colors available could just match perfectly to those shades inside your wardrobe for any occasion or any mood.

It has also got a glossy shine which lasts pretty long. I purchased this nail color for Rs 225 which I found little expensive for a nail polish. Although these are international brands, my limit for nail color maximum stands util 200; however this one falls just above the range. No matter what, at the first sight the color didn't fail to impress me and so I didn't mind to spend a few more bucks on it. Check out the swatches and demo and I am sure most of you might specifically hunt for this color sometime soon. 

Even coverage
Long Lasting Nail Color
Lasting Glossy Shine
Easy application with the precision paddle brush
Availability of wide range of colors
Built-In Top Coat
Gel Based
Smooth Gliding on nails
Heavily pigmented

Expensive for a  nail polish
2 or 3 coats is necessary for a good finish
Doesn't dry at a faster rate, needs at least 5 mins to settle on the nails.

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  1. Great review n lovely shade.

    New Post Up

  2. Love the shade, Deff trying it out :D
    xoxo <3

  3. Very pretty color, but I definitely agree that it needs more than one coat. xo

  4. It looks good. But if it needs 2-3 coats then it would finish up fast, isn't it? Plus it ain't cheap for that small bottle.

    1. No ! You needn't worry much about that. The brush is developed in such a way that it carries very little amount every time you use it. So during the first coat, you are actually gonna use a very little amount, so 2-3 coats wouldn't make much a difference. But yes, quite expensive !

  5. It looks good. But if it needs 2-3 coats then it would finish up fast, isn't it? Plus it ain't cheap for that small bottle.

  6. What a pretty shade of pink! I'm loving how it turned out after 2 coats!

  7. Lovely pink shade! It will really cute on a nice pink dress. The best part is its not electric pink. nice pink shade!!