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5 Tips To Look Slim In Your Photos!


Tired of showing up double chin in your photos? Still figuring out why does your photo show a haunch back? Well, Today I have got answers and tricks that will help you look slim and prettier in your photographs! Today's post is inspired from my favorite blogger Evelina Barry.

Even before I write a new post, I research a lot in magazines, websites, blog et al. I love to draw inspiration from many, before I finally decide to pen it down on Guiltybytes. There are credits available for most of the sources, but some don't have any and that's where people can get ticked off (a realization from my last week's experience), So I have made up my mind that I am going to, no matter what dig in the source and feature the same so that this world becomes a happy place for all artists!

Here are the tips to perfect photographs that I feel a lot of Indian females need to know

TIP #1
To avoid showing double chin, touch the tip of your tongue to your mouth palette (upper side of the palette) while you show off your smile. It's easy, just touch the tongue tip on the upper palette, hold for 2 seconds and smile and that's exactly what I do. ;)

TIP #2
If you have a broad torso, simply angle sideways while posing. This doesn't mean that you need not pose upfront, it simply means that you turn your body slightly sideways so that it forms a beautiful silhouette that will ultimately make you look less broader in your photographs.

TIP #3 
Most of the girls hate the way their arm appears in a photo. Its because no matter how narrow your arms are, if they are placed flatly they are going to look bigger. For this, you need to casually place your arm on to your waist, no, you need to pose like a model literally, just place it in a playful manner or hold a clutch under your armpit if you don't want to pose like that.

TIP #4
So you are just way too tired of looking at heavy legs, your own heavy legs when you wear a dress in a photo? Well the trick to less heavy legs is to fold the ankles. So while your are sitting, don't cross legs, instead cross ankles. And when you are standing, cross ankles again, though your legs will be crossed too slightly. This is going to elongate the way your legs look in a photo.

TIP #5
To avoid any tension from the torso and heavy bottoms, just straighten your back while you are posing. We are all lazy, lousy people and we think it looks cool when you just pose like BLAH, but the truth is that the photos come out to be more heavier than your origioriginal size. To avoid this, just straighten your back, know your angle right, tilt your chin a bit low and pose!

Additional Tips- Tilt your chin a bit low to highlight the structure of the face or your jaw line. Avoid getting clicked from a position wherein your camera is placed below, being a curvy Indian type, we appear to be FAT and yes know your angles right, I know mine and that helps me in all my photos, really!

I hope you guys like the post, would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below.
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  1. Love the tips! You look gorgeous in all the photos devina!

  2. Fabulous tips, will use some, you look great!
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  3. Gorgeous post n gorgeous pics..such useful tips..n thnx for sharing.

    New Post Up

  4. Great tips and you look fabulous in these pictures! Just found your blog and it's so cute!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  5. Thanks.this is very useful.keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for the lovely coment on my blog!!, Follow you right now!, I am waiting for you <3 Kisses!

  7. so beautiful tip!!! <3 i follow you too!

    The New Art of Fashion

  8. I never knew folding ankles could make a difference. Thanks for this post devina. You sure come up with some creative ideas.

  9. I never knew folding ankles could make a difference. Thanks for this post devina. You sure come up with some creative ideas.

  10. Thank you for checking my blog. And yes we can follow each other. I actually followed you via GFC, google + and FB.
    Waiting for you know

    Kisses from Ireland

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  12. Great looks <3
    Great blog. Would you like to follow each ohter? - it would be fantastic;)

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  15. very nice pictures


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  16. Great post hunny, you look great in all the pics! Thank you for stopping by! I'm following you via gfc, bloglovin, Facebook (id valeria), g+, Instagram and Twitter. Hope you'll return the love!
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  17. Really beautifu outfits sweety!! Thank you very much for your comment. I'm following you :) kisses

  18. Great tips,I find your tips very helpful. You look really stunning!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  19. This was very helpful, thanks miss! :-) I will pay attention to it from now on.

  20. this information is really good and helpful for girls

  21. Absolutely loving the patches on your shirt!! DIY'd?
    I'm totally stealing those from dad's old uniforms.

    Much love,

  22. nice tips

  23. Fantastic tips Devina :))) Will defo be keeping them in mind the next time I am posing for photo shoots for my blog !! Visit me at

  24. Super useful post !
    All issues in my mind are solved :D