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Gillette Venus Razor for Women & 3 Myths Associated With Shaving


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Everyone I have ever met in my 25 years of existence has shaved at least twice or thrice in his or her lives! While most people consider shaving as a last minute, i-am-getting-late option, Shaving can greatly help you combat unwanted hair issues and still be the fastest, easiest and the cheapest alternative for hair removal! In Today’s post I am going to be debunking 3 key myths associated with shaving and how the right type of blade and technique helps me with this process!

I’ll admit, I prefer Shaving over using hair removal creams any day. Shaving is an instantaneous option especially when you are pressed for time. For my photo shoots and blog events, or a date with my fiancĂ©e I pick my Gillette Venus razor and run it on my legs and arms securely. My shaving schedule is super simple for I use my razor blade every once a week that amounts to a total of 4 times shave a month.

 First and foremost thing that one requires for the right process of shaving is a good quality blade followed by the right kind shaving gel. Having a good quality wet shave razor like Gillette Venus is a boon for it gives a very close shave. Since the hair is not static in the follicle the first blade engages with the hair and pulls it slightly, the second one then removes it before it has time to retract.  I love the way my skin feels immediently after shaving and yet it’s so convenient. As much as it is easy to shave, I feel there are multiple myths associated with it. Here are three myths that you need not believe in and why…

Myth 1 Shaving makes your hair grow thicker, darker and faster.

Shaving absolutely doesn’t alter hair’s thickness, colour or rate of growth. The truth is that shaved hair often lacks the finesse seen at the ends of unshaven hair and that gives it an overall impression of abrasiveness. As for the darkness, the new hair lacks environmental exposure and so it looks darker. Also, when it comes to the hair growth, shaving removes the dead portion of hair and doesn’t even affect the skin’s surface so it is improbable to affect the rate or type of growth.

Myth 2 Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky.

This myth holds no truth, as shaving is a kind of skin exfoliation that ultimately helps skin feel smooth by bustling away the top layer of dead skin. So shave and get a renewed skin in minutes.

Myth 3 Shaving alters or change skin color (patchy skin) or hair color in anyway.

Girls we really need to address this myth! Shaving doesn’t change your skin’s colour and it never altered mine either. Our skin colour depends on the melanin pigments and lots of environmental factors. Using a razor or the shaving cream doesn’t change the melatonin levels. Incase you felt that your skin is turning patchy or flaky then it could also be a cause of fluctuating hormonal levels in your body and shaving has no effect on this!

So girls, worry not and you too should try the Gillette Venus razor for a cost effective and hassle form of hair removal. You can buy Gillette razor now on

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