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A Fresh Way to Wear A Denim Skirt


No matter what the season looks like, denim has always been a wardrobe essential. The denim skirts are back in style and while a lot women with my body type will refrain from trying the denim silhouette, I think it's about time we find the right style that works with our body type. I created a new summer ready look, inspired from the sitcoms of the late 80s (read hollywood glam) featuring linens from Marks and Spencer India. This is the kind of outfit that you can absolutely rock on a casual Friday to work or simply sport it for a summer brunch. 

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  1. nice post
    thanks for sharing your views

  2. Hi Devina! Love your blog and this skirt looks perfect on you :) Check out awesome collection skirts and other women's clothing from Reliance Trends. Here is the link