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Here’s My Inspiring Experience of Orient Electric’s Fans Factory Tour!


It is not every day that you get invited to visit one of the largest manufacturers of ceiling fans in India. With over 60% market share, Orient Electrics also happens to be the largest exporter of fans from India. Having been associated with the brand in the past only made me happier to finally take a tour of their assembly line at Orient Electric’s Faridabad plant. From enjoying a dominant position in the fan industry to creating some path-breaking technology in fans, Orient Electric today has the widest range of products in its portfolio. As a fashion aficionado, the key takeaway for me is the fact that they have laid a great emphasis on the aesthetics of their products that comes packed with a cutting-edge technology. The factory visit was a great learning experience for our group that featured popular lifestyle bloggers and technology enthusiasts. 

As we arrived at the Orient factory, we all were taken to the experience room that featured a wide range of all types of fans Orient Electric manufactures. From ceiling fans, to pedestal fans, wall fans, table fans and multi-utility fans there was so much to discover. I spotted incomparable technology, premier quality, inordinate aesthetics all along. I also learnt that these products are reliable for a long-term usage, are super easy to clean and have been designed keeping different kinds of environment in mind.

Everything at Orient Electrics comes together at their Faridabad plant assembly line. We were given a complete download of the brand, its mission, core values by its Senior leadership team who by the way shared the utmost passion for this product line in the industry. There was so much to learn at every pitstop- from dangling blades to automated painting machines, to motor assembly units to quality control tests that finally culminates into a desirable packaging. I wish we could shoot some more photos of their R&D labs, innovation center but guess that’s not for everyone to see.

With innovations happening in every aspect, Orient Electric boasts of their PSPO technology that helps provide cooler air in a larger space while consuming less power to the BLDC (brushes direct current motor) which basically means that they have successfully been able to reduce the power consumption by over 50% with their products in the industry. Their Aero Series has continued to wow consumers both for its aesthetics and overall effectiveness. From being very silent revolutionary fans to sporting contemporary designs- the #AeroSeries have created its own niche with its range of super premium fans in the market. I remember attending the launch of their Aerostorm fan in January that is inspired from aerofoil design of Aircraft wings and is reinforced with winglet technology. This one, in particular, gave an astounding air delivery of 300 CMM. 

Since Indian summers are unbearably hot, with Aero Series fans it is now possible to go beyond the functional use. This range of on-trend fans can be used as your design focal point and this is indeed an appropriate choice in order to influence the feel of a space. 

The factory visit was rather an overwhelming experience for me! I have learnt that it is very important to start investing in technology that serves both the decor and the utility purpose at ease. Apart from being a preferred supplier in Government bodies, Orient has also been awarded the title of “Star Performer” by the Engineering Export Promotion Council. In fact, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has bestowed the title of “Star Export House” to Orient as well- a title well deserved in every way! In case you want to read more about the brand then make sure to visit this link. 

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