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Summer Layering & My Guide To Wearing Floral Prints


There are many imaginative ways to pull off summer layering without submitting to the heat stroke. For me it is all about understanding which fabrics work best, the kind of sequence you require of the clothing and an enthusiasm to adorn layers.  I have gone ahead and done an all-floral layer this season featuring a floral designed dress, a summer jacket with floral embroideries and well, a pair of sneaks that too have flower power on them. 

You can find a variety of floral prints across which by the way also makes it easier to find pieces that you’d like to add to your wardrobe. Statement jackets are the key to summer layering and can help you transform your look swiftly. I have added the Zara separate to my red dress to make sure that the colour of the dress doesn’t overpower my mood. Another way how I make florals work for me is that I don’t stick to the pastel colour rules. Even though summers and pastel colors are a natural fit, try to explore the full range of colour palette available like the reds, blues et al.

Layering with dresses should be more gentle and soft and that’s why I recommend that you add two distinct shades to your outfit. With a floral dress, you may opt for a striped jacket or a light coloured denim jacket style. For those like me who enjoy the process of getting dressed, the art of layering is something of a creative outlet, not to mention a canny way to use pieces already hanging in your closet!

I have added ‘cool girl’ edginess to the outfit by pairing my all-new white sneakers with my ensemble. These RedTape white shoes feature a really cute floral pattern that has made it my favorites list already. 

Guess its time to move away from minimalism to a bit more vigorous vibe this summer! Layering can help you bring out your inner style creative by making you work with pieces in a really bewildering ways. With so many newer combinations, no outfit will ever look the same ☺

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  1. Rocking outfit with floral prints!
    I go mad for floral designs..

  2. You try hard to copy Akanksha redhu.. but she is way too smart and has an amazing fashsense

    1. What makes you say or think like that at all? She is HOT & my favorite too but I don't have to copy her or anyone for that matter. Been blogging for over 5+ years and won 3 major awards and I rest my case. <3