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5 Lip Liner Hacks That Will Change Your Lipstick Game!


I don't remember using a lip liner until last year but in my list of 2017's beauty resolutions, using a lip liner is a must have! Using these lip pencils have been such a great addition for I can't even begin to tell you what great results do I get in my makeup look!! Here are 5 lip liner hacks that a beginner or a pro can use to make sure that your lipstick game is here to stay! 

1. For fuller Pout: Love fuller yet natural looking lips? Well then simply use a darker lip liner to define the bow and the middle of the bottom lip. Once you line it and use a lighter shade lip liner on top and blend. 

2. Define better at Cupid's bow: Start by applying a little 'X' on the Cupid's bow and then draw a line in the center of bottom lip line as it will help you create a good guideline for the rest of the lip. Do it in stages and line your lips for a defined shape.

3. Don't use a really sharp tip: If you aren't a big fan of sharp lines then use a lip liner that doesn't have a sharp tip. Having a slightly flat tip will not create too severe of a line and blends easily. 

4. Keep Lipstick from bleeding: Apply lip liner around lips and fill in—do not just apply outside of the lip line but fill your lips using it as well. This will give lipstick something extra to grab onto, and prevent it from feathering outside the lines.

5.When In Doubt, Go Nude: Nude lip liners go well with all lipsticks so you can totally apply it on the outlines and as a base colour. Swipe a lip balm on top for a fuss free easy nude-lip look.

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