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5 Makeup Tips and Hacks For The Summer/Monsoon Bride !


Summer and monsoons require some hacks for the makeup so that your skin and makeup look fresh and beautiful, Here are some amazing tips that can help u out with you are getting hitched in this hot and humid weather! 
  1. Keep your makeup minimal to prevent it bleeding as temperatures soar. Bright lip colors guarantee instant freshness and look wonderful in sunny weather. A makeup artist secret is to use a setting spray so your makeup lasts longer. But remember, what’s inside always counts so drink at least 8 glasses of water to detoxify your skin, stay hydrated and glow from inside out!
  2. Brides need to take care of their skin. Naturally, drinking lots of water and fluids like coconut water, fresh juices, and lemon water is crucial but they should also hydrate the skin with water based moisture lock lotions.The new Hydra Airbrush Foundation by TemptuAir can create a beautiful sheer base that lasts hours and looks absolutely natural. A good matt powder will keep that extra shine away. Similarly, the all nighter spray by Urban decay will lock the foundation and bring a soft, neutral look to your makeup.
  3. A makeup meltdown is an occupational hazard for a summer bride but there are ways around it. If you have extremely oily skin, skip the moisturizer. A matte primer like the COVER FX works well on acne prone skin. Use powder based bronzers and eyeshadow as they do not crease and are long lasting. Waterproof mascara is a must along with the makeup setting spray to pick something like Urban Decay All Nighter to give your face a natural finish. Blotting paper also works like magic, especially if you have an outdoor wedding.
  4. Summer can make your skin oily so your secret to glowing (but not shining) during the hot months is oil-free makeup. After applying an adequate amount of primer, apply an oil-controlling foundation instead of an oil-based one. Make sure your makeup is waterproof so your makeup lasts and keeps you looking radiant all day. Brides should always wear sunscreen to keep their skin protected from the scorching sun!
  5. Brides with oily skin should use lotion instead of cream to moisturize under their foundation. Go matte with the lip color – light pink, nudes – and you’ll have beautiful statement lips this summer. For a better coverage and long-lasting effects, dab a generous amount of a powder foundation instead of compact/loose powder.

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