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Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Nude/Light Lipstick For EVERY Skintone


OK, so it took me 2 and a half years to finally find the perfect Nude or rather light coloured lipstick with undertones of pink in it. I admit, I have spent a lot of money on buying nude lip colors that looked like as if I had applied concealers on my lips (cringing) and I am not kidding at all. I personally think finding a perfect nude lipstick is a process and a great learning experience for it teaches you so much about undertones, your own complexion, and textures. Having a medium skin tone, I have decoded the art of finding the perfect nude lip colour for all complexions and do let me know your experiences and learnings in case I missed any!

I love this gorgeous Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick in shade 410. It has such warm undertones with a pink tint that works well with my skin colour. Prices at Rs 2500, it's a must buy for women with fair to medium skin tone as it works really well with every kind of makeup. 

Thumb Rule of Getting A Nude/Light coloured Lipstick
1. Opt for a lipstick that does not make you look all washed out. It should instead make your lips look fresh and face glowing.

2.Your natural lip colour affects the lipstick payoff hence if you have dark or pigmented lips then opt for a nude lipstick that has gold or a bit of peach in it as it neutralizes the darker pigments.

3. Nude Lipsticks highlight fine lines and lip texture hence make sure that your lips are moist or scrubbed well before you apply the colour. 

4. Sheer, gloss, matt, play with textures and see variants in one lipstick to see what works best on your lips. 

Best Nude Lipstick For Every Indian Skintone

1. Fair Skin tone: Don't go for a bland or too nude lip colour. Girls with lighter skin tone can buy nude lipsticks that have a hint of pink or pink in its base for a flattering colour.

2. Olive Skin tone: Avoid nude lipsticks that are lighter than your skin. Go with darker nudes or tinted nude lipsticks to balance your face.

3. Medium Skin Tone: Well, welcome to my world and you can wear a lipstick that has pink or peach undertones in it. Caramel nudes work well on my lips as well.

4. Dark Skin Tone: Glossy nudes look gorgeous on darker skin tones. The idea is to highlight your lips, you can try mocha nudes or really light nudes for best results. 

Have you found your perfect color? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This lipstick shade looks great on you dear. You look so beautiful <3