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5 Fabulous Ideas To Personalize Your Dream Wedding!


We spent so many hours, days and months to plan the big affair. Gone are the days when bride and groom weren't included in the plan and had no idea how the wedding is going to be. Now-a-days they know what they want. And they are ready to experiment and make it an affair to remember for life. They are adding personal touch to their wedding.

#1 Customize Your Lehenga!
How about adding your love story on your dream wedding lehenga. This year we witnessed Kresha Bajaj amazing love story showcased on her lehenga, which she herself personalized. She kept the embroideries traditional in white and gold. She even put the name on her wedding lehenga.

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#2 Wedding Speeches
Though it's a concept from the West, but gaining importance in Indian weddings too, after all it's a nice way to tell what you feel just before your dear ones get married. It feels good when you dear ones come on stage and make you nostalgic and bless you in front of so many.
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#3 Make your bridesmaid feel special!
 Show some love to your bridesmaid, after all they are going to be with you all through your wedding. Make them feel special by giving them a cute personalized gifts.You can give them personalized tees and boxes.
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#4 Signature drinks
How about drinks specially dedicated to bride and groom. How amazing it is, a great way to personalize your bar.
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#5 Include flower girls/boys in your wedding
Ok! Find out the cutest kid in your family and give them a signboard. A cute way to include them in your wedding celebrations.
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