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Your Guide To Perfume Terms- Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum And More!


Finding a perfume that is just right for you can feel like an overwhelming task. Isn't it always very confusing when you enter a drug store store being totally clueless about wanting an Eau de Cologne or an Eau de Toilette? Well, our today's post has 5 different terms that every fragrance hoarder should know and of course it will help you in choosing the perfect perfume you ever want to own!

Here's a little Miss Guiltybytes tip for you all-
Every time you smell a fragrance, you smell different notes in it. Usually a perfume is composed of three notes- a top note which is your first scent, a middle note which is known as the bouquet and when that fades we get the third and the basic note. Every-time you buy a perfume don't make a decision until you smell the third note. 

Perfume Terminology (or ABCs)

1. Absolutes
These are pure, natural extracts and oils from flowers and other vegetable materials. Absolutes are considered to be very expensive because of it's purity. Example for an absolute is a pure rose oil.

2. Eau de Cologne
Eau de Cologne is basically 5 to 3 percent oil mixed with alcohol and water. Your colognes are much lighter and refreshing and have a citrus oil component (usually).

3. Eau de Toilette
This generally has the same amount of perfume oil or has it between 4 to 8 percent than Eau de Cologne.  Eau de Toilette has a mix of alcohol over water. 

4. Eau de Parfum
A higher percentage of perfume oil — roughly 15 to 18 — mixed with alcohol makes up Eau de Parfum. It is more expensive than Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette.

5. Perfume
With a 15 to 30 percent perfume oil mixed in alcohol this has high percentage of perfume oil and is more expensive than all the above fragrances. 

Other terms like scent- spritzer etc also exist. Feminine fragrances include citrus floral, oriental, sweet components. Masculine scents include leather, tobacco, musk and mosses. 

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