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Best Curry Leaves Recipes For Skin and Hair


We all know how famously curry leaf or kadi patta is used as a tadka in every dish of Southern India. As it adds a flavor to the dish, many pan-Indian cuisines are seasoned with curry leaves. Apart from the flavor, it has a remarkable effect on your health too, and when you apply it topically on your skin and hair it does a great job of fighting with several beauty woes. You must be aware of curry leaves stunning effects on your hair, but it even works fabulously on your skin. Let's find out how you can use curry leaves and make it in your beauty arsenal.


1. Wrinkle free skin:
Who doesn't want to look young and beautiful forever? Raid your garden for curry leaves and say goodbye to aging. Curry leaves have antioxidants that fight free radicals, bring a suppleness to your skin and fades away fine lines, wrinkles. The easiest beauty hack would be to drink curry leaves smoothie, but otherwise, you can make a face pack of Multani mitti, aloe vera gel, and powder curry leaves. All three ingredients fight aging signs and keep your skin smooth and youthful.

2. Fights acne scars:
If you are suffering from acne, breakouts, then the best way to overcome it is curry leaves. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will keep your skin clean. You can use curry leaves water as a daily toner, wash your wash with curry leaves concoction or apply powdered curry leaves on your acne scars, marks. It will instantly soothe your skin and reduce the scars, spots
Tip: You can even make a face pack with powdered curry leaves, orange peel and honey.

3. Glowing skin:
Pamper yourself with a face pack of curry leaves powder, turmeric and rose water, let it rest for 20-30 minutes and rinse with water. You will notice an instant glow as curry leaves is a rich source of Vitamin C and turmeric will keep bacteria at bay and boost your complexion whereas rose water can be used as a toner.


1. Stimulates hair growth:
Curry leaves are rich in amino acids, beta carotene, proteins which are healthy food for your hair. When you apply curry leaves on your hair, it will strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair fall. Make a mask of powdered curry leaves, yogurt, and lemon and apply it on your scalp and hair strands. You can rinse your hair after 30 minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo. Apply this weekly and within a  month you would notice a massive change in your hair growth.

Tip: Store powdered curry leaves for instant application.

2. Repairs weak roots:
Do you see your hair strands on the pillow, floor, clothes? Then you could have weak roots and the best way to nourish your roots is curry leaves, amla powder, and yogurt. This mixture will stimulate the blood circulation and the presence of Vitamin B6 in curry leaves will strengthen the hair roots.

3. Avoid premature greying:
Don't stress out when you see grey hair, you can definitely vanish the grey hair with the help of curry leaves. It has Vitamin B6, which will strengthen hair roots, promote new and darker hair. Wash your hair with curry leaves water or boil curry leaves and aloe vera in coconut oil and once it cools, massage the oil into your scalp.

Tip: if you are allergic to coconut oil, you can even use olive oil.

4. Treats dandruff:
Say goodbye to your itchy scalp with curry leaves. It has anti-fungal properties that will remove the fungus that causes bacteria and will even work in cleaning your scalp. You can use a hair mask of powdered curry leaves and boiled milk. Wash your hair after 20 minutes and repeat this hair mask every three days once. It will definitely remove dandruff and cleanse your scalp.

5. Frizzy hair:
Girls with frizzy hair can definitely control their manes with curry leaves, honey concoction. After your hair wash rinse your hair with the concoction and you will see a natural shine and less frizziness to your hair.

It is believed that eating raw curry leaves promote hair growth. So girls if you are looking for healthy locks or flawless skin, go plant curry leaves in your garden or buy curry leaves and better start using them right away.

Here's a video with DIY Curry leaves paste for your hair growth, SUBSCRIBE to our channel :)

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