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7 Ways How You Can Improve Your Health With Ginger Tea!


Munching on ginger can be a spicy affair, but sipping on hot ginger tea is a relish for many, especially on a rainy day or tiring day a cup of ginger tea can take away all your worries and make you instantly energised. But apart from relaxing property, ginger tea does wonders to your body. It has high levels of Vitamin C which are good for your beauty and wellness, but the other minerals like potassium, magnesium, antioxidants and properties like antibacterial, antiviral is what makes it a special healthy drink. Whether you have digestion problems, heartburns or feeling nausea, dizzy ginger tea will combat every health issue and make you stay fit and fabulous. Read on to know more about this magical potion.

1. Stress buster:
When you inhale boiling water infused with ginger root or drink a cup of ginger tea it will soothe your nerves and will act as a stress buster. The aroma of ginger and its calming properties will unwind your mind and body. 2. Unwinds body muscles: If you have a muscle cramp or any muscle pain, ginger tea will help in recovering your muscles. It has healing properties that will reduce muscle pain, so after your workout or hot yoga, drink a cup of ginger tea with honey and calm your muscles. 3. Prevents nausea: Many of us suffer from travel nausea, for all those people we recommend you to drink a cup of ginger tea that will prevent nausea, vomit and motion sickness. Even mom to be can reduce nausea attacks with a cup of ginger tea. 4. Anti-inflammation: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that bring a relief from muscle and tissue inflammation. You can either drink ginger tea or apply warm ginger oil on your inflamed joints, and muscles and reduce the troubling inflammation. 5. Reduces heartburns: Due to unhealthy food or poor digestive system, many suffer from heartburn (acid reflux to the esophagus). But ginger can block the acid reflux as well as kill the bacteria that create acid reflux. It has the gastroprotective effect that will protect you from heartburns. It is advised to daily drink ginger tea after your meals. 6. Manages sugar levels: According to researchers ginger regulates the blood sugar levels and even reduces the appetite that will help you to stay fit. Do not substitute ginger to your medicines, however, you can drink ginger tea and keep your glucose level in check. For best results don't add honey or sugar to your ginger tea. 7. Prevents sinus: Ginger is known to bring relief from headaches and nasal congestion. It has antibiotic properties that will kill the infections, bacteria and save you from sinus symptoms. Sip ginger tea with honey and turmeric and soothe your body from painful sinus. Apart from this you can even use ginger in your beauty care and make yourself look beautiful inside and out. However before sleeping, we suggest you drink ginger tea and stay healthy always.

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