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Here's How I Turned My Full Time Blogging Into A 'Consistent' Business || 6th Blog Anniversary


As I complete 6 years of doing what I love doing the most, my heart is filled with immense gratitude, love, emotions, and excitement brimming all at once. It was only 6 years ago that I posted my first ever blog post which was then known as an ‘article’ and shared it on my Facebook personal profile. I am not going back to where and how it all started, but I have instead decided to share how I have managed to stay on top of my blogging game, turn it into a consistent business and win awards in between ;)

Few blog anniversaries ago, I had posted this article on how I turned blogging into a full-time business in India and a lot many of you loved it. I wouldn’t lie, but I started getting passionate emails from new bloggers seeking advice on how to start a successful fashion blog. From what I can collect- I have worked with over 1000 brands that include startups, more prominent corporations, individuals, agencies and at home labels. The few things that ensured that my business was a consistent one (read not having to worry about my salaries after I quit my full-time job) are as follows-

1.    Authenticity is an indispensable tool. Many times multiple bloggers work on a client’s campaign together hence its imperative for you to have your own perspective and not cltr+c someone else’s ideas/shoots/outfits. Not every time I may have had a very Instagram perfect photo that someone else for the same brand may have put, but I have learned to trust my intuition and my voice foremost.  It may not be perfect, but it has worked with my followers and makes for a unique selling point.

2.    Its okay to miss out! I am married and am a proud Army wife that has kept me on my toes owing to my duties towards the organization and then I am a full-time content person, a blogger, and a branding consultant. While it may sound like a lot (and there’s no doubt that it really is), I have never pushed myself to post my personal life or an OOTD on my feed. I have had days when I haven’t posted any content on my Instagram feed or Facebook page. While this may sound like a bad business plan- trust me, you can be MIA and still be very significant online. I come back with brand collabs, throwback photos and I don’t feel apologetic about it. On the other hand, my blog is regularly updated (more details in the next point)

3.    HIRE, HIRE, HIRE! Blogging is not just a hobby to most, and since there’s so much happening around us always, it’s impossible to be everywhere. HIRE good resources that can help you grow and add value to your business. I didn’t have huge budgets when I did my first hiring, and I chose to hire at home moms who quit their corporate jobs. They were (and have been) professional, dependable and multi-taskers. I ensured to update my website every single day, and today we post about 12-15 or more blogs in 1 day. I decided to hire because I wanted the site to grow and with our growing website traffic (significant numbers here), I have only scored more and more brand opportunities.

4. Be aware of the ‘surprise’ costs and then decide your collab commercials/costings! If you outsource your photography and styling projects, then you already know about this one. From website hosting to blog designing to clothing, accessories, makeup to post photo shoot lunches- there are a lot of hidden costs. Calculate your fees in advance and create a budget that works for your income level and then commit to a brand. Just remember to evaluate your growth step by step. Also, don’t be scared o re-invest aggressively!!!

5.    Pay attention to numbers! You may want to position yourself as a fashion blogger, but your food posts get more hits/video views then its time for our to re-invent your content strategy. Don’t be shy to experiment and read your analytics for numbers don’t lie!!!!!! While your niche can remain fashion, you shouldn’t shy away from writing about Bollywood fashion, beauty trends, etc. In case you don’t feel too convinced about this one then just know that I WON ELLE Beauty Blogger of the year award in 2014 and then again I won COSMOPOLITAN Lifestyle blogger award in 2016- different categories and it still works!

6.    #MakeMoves to reach your long-term goals! I want to stress on the fact that I cook food, do dishes (if the maid doesn’t turn up), manage laundry and groceries and have to be socially active in sarees in our fauji fraternity and travel between cities for work and yet not give up. I can’t give my best shot every single day on my social media accounts but that still won’t stop me from going all out as and when I want. So, don’t stop doing what makes you happy just because it doesn’t pay you for long. Your voice is at the heart of your business and should take center stage in everything you do. DON’T stop responding to emails just because it’s a barter proposal, or because someone was seeking your free advice. Being true to who you are and sharing your message is so much more important than just putting something out there to “check it off your list.” When you think you are at your peak, remember to get even better. Opportunities won’t stop; brands won’t stop working with bloggers/influencers so continue to make moves for your long-term goals. 

For consistency of any business, you have to remain tad-bit disciplined, and one thing that has changed my work-life is that I write down my to-do list every single day. The front page reads editing blog posts, responding to emails and the backside reads onions ½ kg, tomatoes 1 kg, lassan-adrak (garlic-ginger) and more ;)

 Here’s to #smashingsixyearswithguiltbytes and many more milestones!

Oh and for the giveaway, one of you can win a stunning HUDA beauty 3D Highlighter palette.

1. Drop a comment with one thing that you have been very passionate about and haven’t pursued yet.

2. Make sure to comment with DONE on my latest Instagram post with your username :)

All stunning photos courtesy Megha Jain, Sunflarearthouse. 

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  1. I always wanted to be a youtuber. I watch a lot of videos from the bloggers and other youtubers and whenever I do so I picture myself shooting one. The reason I never went ahead with this was that I belong to a very conservative muslim family and never had the courage and confidence to do it!
    Tanya Rizvi
    Instagram- tanyar1501

  2. I always wanted to be a youtuber. I watch a lot of videos from the bloggers and other youtubers and whenever I do so I picture myself shooting one. The reason I never went ahead with this was that I belong to a very conservative muslim family and never had the courage and confidence to do it!
    Tanya Rizvi
    Instagram- tanyar1501

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring post. And congratulations!

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