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In Focus: Pizza Hut Pizzas VS Dominos Pizza


(left- Pizza Hut pizzas, right- Domino’s pizza)

Pizza loyalty runs deep in my blood and for many of us, Pizza Hut & Dominos have been an essential part of our childhood. On a laid back afternoon, to kill my boredom I decided to get all-creative and play the devil’s advocate. I decided to order pizzas from both Pizza Hut India and Domino’s Pizza to compare one against another and finally list my favorites to let you all know as to which Pizza creation deserves the time on your plate this weekend! 
I ordered 2 Medium Pizzas from Pizza Hut and 2 Medium pizzas from Domino’s consisting of both veg and non-veg options. What really took me by surprise was a stark difference in the costing of pizzas between both the brands. The two Veg pizzas were almost similar (considering the toppings, look and size) however; there was huge price difference between the two! Same was applicable for the Non-veg pizzas even though the toppings were different. The Pizza Hut pizzas cost me INR 472 and the Dominos Pizzas, a whooping INR 972 (both inclusive of taxes). Attached are the bills for my Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizzas. I must add that Pizza Hut was an awesome deal and worth every penny! The quality of pizzas at that value from Pizza Hut was amazing!

For the order selection, my folks and I unanimously picked the Exotica Pan pizza and the Chicken Pepperoni Pan pizza for our lunch! The delivery was done in about 30minutes or so, owing to my place of stay, but what really did impress me was the fact that the pizza cases were HOT in capitals! The delivery boy had loads of seasoning packets (which is always an added bonus) and I personally love the new black colored packaging of the Pizza hut in comparison to their old packaging as this one highlights the freshness of vegetables and the authenticity of the cheese being used in their pizzas. Thank You box makes you feel even special.

Pizza Hut Pizzas

The Domino’s Pizzas, However, arrived under 30 minutes and we had a pizza overload party happening at our place. We ordered the Dominos Chicken Fiesta Non-veg pizza and the Veg Paradise medium pizza. Their pizza cases were piping hot as well. The Pizzas were packed in the blue & white cases with seasonings tucked in them. I wish theyhad also given ample seasonings like Pizza Hut!

Dominos Pizzas

As for the taste, the Veg Exotic pan pizza by Pizza Hut was bursting with flavors and came with fresh Red Capsicum, Green Capsicum, Baby Corn, Black Olives and loaded with delicious cheese along with roasted Jalapeno. The size of the pizza was opulent and the crust gave it the right amount of thrill.I totally love the crust when it comes to Pizza Hut Pizza’s. The sauce on the base was yummy and had a great balance of flavors.

 Pizza Hut Veg Exotic pan pizza

I decided not to over indulge and immediately picked up a slice of pizza from Domino’s Veg Paradise. The pizza sauce was a bit too overpowering and tangy in flavour but in comparison to Pizza Hut’s Veg Exotic pan pizza the vegetables were cooked/grilled a little better. But what really made the Pizza hut Veg pizza a stand out for me was that it had a real generous amount of cheese versus the Dominos veg pizza.

Domino’s Veg Paradise Pizza

Moving on to the Non-veg pizzas, instead of choosing or ordering for exact same pizzas from these two chains,I opted for a Chicken Pepperoni pan pizza from Pizza Hut and a Chicken Fiesta pizza from Dominos.

Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni pan pizza 

The amount of topping on Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni pizza is promising! I LOVE how the pepperoni is coupled with a dense cheese topping so much so that, you get bucket loads of cheese in every bite with your protein!The Domino’s Chicken Fiesta pizza has a really good quantity of topping but for me it came off as a little bland. There was a lot of variety in terms of toppings as it included chicken chunks, spicy chicken, onion, capsicum and if you are someone who likes less spicy you might like this better! The crust was salty but was surprisingly good. Both pizzas had a doughy crust but Pizza Hut’s non-veg pizza was far crispier than Domino’s!

Domino’s Chicken Fiesta pizza

Lastly, from a costing perspective, I want to stress that Pizza Hut Pizzas get all the brownie point! They really are a true value for money and for a same sized pizza with almost same kind of flavors (as compared with Dominos) you only pay half the price! Now that’s a win-win deal for me hands down!

This was my take on the two most famous Pizza chains in India and Pizza Hut gets my vote, simply because they are offering great tasting pizzas at an unbelievable value, every single day of the week. Where in the world can you get two medium, over-loaded pizzas under 500 bucks?

I am keen to know which one do you prefer more and why? Do share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I always prefer pizza hut over Dominoes. The quality is way better. Plus the service, the dominoes employees suck and cant help. Customer care number doesn't listen to ur issues n keeps transferring lines from store to store. Last nyt i had a terrible tym ordering with Dominoes. Ultimately i couldn't order online n cancelled the plan instead.
    Terrible experience. Pizza hut rocks.

  2. Dominoes for me always. Love Peppy Paneer and Five pepper Pizza. Also, since the husband is not Indian, we've been exposed to pizzas around the world. Pizza Hut sauce is way too "Indianized" for our taste. Dominoes sauce reminds me of New York Pizza :) Cheese any way is generic and does nothing for our tastebuds. Price wise I am a bit surprised though! The rare few times we have had food at Pizza Hut it has always been more expensive than Dominoes! Guess that is due to the fact that we just require one Medium size pizza honestly. I guess I just have to find a good Pizza Hut outlet. Dominoes always feels and tastes much fresher where I order from.

  3. No doubt these two are giant names in pizza world.Both are yummy . But just give a try to this pizza in mumbai this is so big you can check out it here

  4. At the end its all about personal preferences....

    But you made me INSTA hungry.... now I want to pizza right now.

  5. I completely agree, It is great. And I am always surprised when I read posts about the food. This great content. I have learned something powerful today.indian spice exporter from india

  6. Yeah great information you are sharing. But I like Dominos pizza their stuff is so soft and nice topping also. But there is one big daddy's pizza that also made good pizza. They are providing service in Utah and Colorado cities in USA. Visit!!