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Food Walk With Sensodyne


As bloggers attending events, going to new restaurant openings is our forte! Basically, we earn our living doing what we love - socialising! One fine day we were going about our usual business when the toothpaste giant Sensodyne in partnership with So Delhi offered us a very exciting yet intriguing food walk concept which would bring forth the issue of tooth sensitivity and would help people devour their favourite dishes without any pain and #EnjoyLikeYouShould!

The idea basically was to involve people who have issues of tooth sensitivity and had already been using Sensodyne for quite some time. This food walk was very generously sponsored by the toothpaste giant Sensodyne and it involved us going from one restaurant to another eating our favourite dishes without any worry of sensitivity. We loved the concept and couldn't wait to get on with the walk!
The venue chosen for the food walk was the foodie paradise -  Hauz Khas Village which was hosted by So Delhi. The POA (Plan Of Action) was to tuck into mouth-watering delicacies at some of the best restaurants at Hauz Khas and go on a trip to food heaven.
Here's how our experience turned out:
We started out with Chaayos - the chai hub where we fulfilled our caffeine craving! We had their famous hot cup of Kulhad Chai which was frothy and steaming hot, but the best part was that people with tooth sensitivity kept enjoying their chai without worrying about sensitivity. How cool is that!
OTB - Out of The Box
The second place we visited was OTB, whose food, vibe and decor everything is next to perfect for having a good time with friends and family. We especially loved its terrace seating area with the picturesque views of the lake and Hauz Khas Fort. Here, we gobbled down several platefuls of warm and gooey Chocolate Brownies with chilled Vanilla Ice Cream scoops in no time.
The Sensodyne users dug straight into the chilled ice-cream & brownies, forgetting about their sensitivity! And no guesses here, they didn't feel a thing!
Thoroughly satisfied, we moved on to our last stop - Imperfecto.
Our last stop was the funky rooftop restaurant Imperfecto, which has a superb ambience made using jazzy wooden interiors, a pathway of flowing water over which runs a tiny bridge, an outdoor seating space that overlooks the entire village, and a cute little pink scooter hung by the wall. Excited and curious for the last leg of the food walk we climbed the stairs to the amazing terrace.
Once comfortably seated here, we were served Imperfecto's famous refreshing Aam Panna Mocktail. This icy cold minty fresh soda drink, which otherwise could have been a nightmare for tooth sensitivity sufferers was gulped down within seconds without the fear of any sensitivity in their teeth.
We finally finished our interesting and unique food walk. It was an experience to remember sampling amazing dishes, being with fellow bloggers and most of all rediscovering the mesmerising vibe that Hauz Khas Village holds for us.
Go ahead and watch the full video right here:
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