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LIVA #FluidIsYou Bloggers Meet At Amazon India Fashion Week SS17


The fabric of the clothes we wear is just as important as our style! I happened to attend the @Livafashionin #fluidisyou bloggers meet at the #aifwss17 only to learn that #LIVA is all about the fabrics - nature based, environment friendly and easy on all body types. Most importantly, LIVA fabrics flow seamlessly on all shapes and make a complimentary silhouette that embodies fluid fashion in best way possible.

Here's How I dressed up in an All LIVA outfit...

And here are some glimpses from the super fun #FluidIsYou bloggers meet by LIVA

I was so excited to see the all-new LIVA TVC that was launched at the bloggers meet. The brand truly does stand for fashion for all and because as a woman and a blogger I am juggling between work, fashion weeks, events, story edits and photo-shoots. I could relate to the brand’s philosophy like no other. It was so good to participate and engage with the panel that consisted of women rather successful women from all walks of life. The celebrity panel was hosted by Freishia, who then introduced power women like Isha, a famous designer & a mother, Riddhima- The daughter, sister, mother, occasional model and frequent designer and Shy – A fashion choreographer, show director, busy bee and fashion know-it- all. 

It was so heartwarming to hear their stories and how fashion today is all about being fluid. Also, I learnt that a lot many brands have a touch of LIVA like the Allen Solly, Park Avenue, Akkriti, Biba, People, 109F, Melange, Ateesa, Code, Cotton World, Fusion Beats, Aurelia, Mohrpankh and Izabel to name a few!  

This was followed by a super fun styling session with the panelists who helped us accessorize the LIVA clothing right! It’s about time that we don’t feel sorry for our body and embrace it with a brand like LIVA that celebrates your shape and doesn’t compromise one’s style no matter what. 

You too can check out their lookbook on

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