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#TeamGuiltybytes @ Gillette Venus Breeze Launch & Top Shaving Myths Busted With Kalki


For starters, Miss Guiltybytes has been endorsing shaving for a while now. Everyone in the Guiltybytes HQ is now hooked on to shaving for it is effective, cheap & fuss free. On that note, last week we attended the launch of Gillette Venus Breeze in Delhi with Actress Kalki Koechlin, celebrity dermatologist Rashmi Shetty & Bollywood Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni. It was a fun event that saw the three ladies debunking all the myths associated with shaving and introducing the new product. 

Actress Kalki Koechlin who has been associated with the brand shared, “Venus Breeze has revolutionized the hair removal experience with in-build moisture gel bars enriched with body butters. Women can now look forward to a sensorial hair removal process versus painful waxing and harmful creams.”

Kalki agreed with us on carrying the little hair removal tool in her beauty kit. She did mention that she does the same but most importantly she identified with the product that gets a big thumbs up from us.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty said, “Being a dermatologist,I  can assure you that shaving is the most hygienic, skin friendly method of hair removal. It is extremely safe over other methods that have harsh chemicals and can permanently damage one’s skin.”

The panel of ladies got together and busted myths related to shaving in Indian and in general.

#1 Shaving does not make your skin darker or dry. When you shave, you exfoliate your skin, which you wouldn’t do otherwise.

#2 Shaving Does not make your hair grow thicker, faster or darker. How our hair grown back has got a lot to do with our hormones and genetics and nothing with the process of hair removal.

#3 Shaving does not damages skin, cause cuts or skin damage. Of course, you have to be using the right kind of tool like the Gillette Venus Breeze that has mounted blades for a swift & smooth movement.

#4 And lastly, shaving does not cause pigmentation. Refer to #1 for more.

The lovely ladies also shared some of their personal incidents about the newly launch Gillette Venus Breeze. And believe you me, the new and improved razor is what you need to get summer ready. It's safe to use, and doesn't require any additional gel or foam. It's a 2-in-1 razor that has inbuilt moisture gel bars, which means you only need water to get smooth and shiny skin.

Guess it time to say goodbye to hair woos and wear your confidence up your summer dresses ;)

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