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Myth: Shaving Everyday Is Bad For Your Skin!


For starters, I LOVE shaving and have been using my super easy Gillette Venus for sometime now to work away my hair woos. I love how razors have changed the way we treat our unwanted hair. So if you have read that every day shaving isn’t good for your skin, then don’t buy it for I have tried and tested experience to share with you guys today!

Shaving isn’t bad for your skin but wrong tools sure can damage your skin in the long run. Trust Gillette Venus (only) when it comes to your shaving routines. Shaving doesn’t cause hair to grow back thicker or faster, its absolutely untrue. In fact, if you have fast growing, thicker hair then you must consider shaving everyday. Using the right tool will help you exfoliate your top most layers and remove all the dead skin cells leaving you with soft and fresh looking skin. 

Shaving does not affect your hair type at all. As your hair grows back, the blunt ends make it appear thicker than it is. Shaving is inexpensive and quick and has always worked for me every time I have wanted to address unwanted hair on my legs or arms. 

For everyday use, make sure to use a shaving gel/cream before shaving and then pat on some good moisturizer to keep you skin feeling smooth at all times. 

Have a happy skin ya'll :)

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