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#XMasWithGuiltybytes: VIDEO Tutorial On Christmas Look + GIVEAWAY


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Hey Guys, I am back with another video tutorial which is inspired from the current season. The Christmas special look can be worn to Christmas party or a brunch or a glam outing! I have curated an exciting giveaway for you all that will be a great help to you this party season. 

Some of Giveaway the products include-

1. A diary by designer Payal Singhal
2. Roots & herbs Brightening Undereye Serum
3. Kerastase Hair Spray
4. Sephora Mango Body Wash
5. Soultree Rose Brwon Lipstick
6. Lakme Blush & glow Facewash
7. Nail Glitters
8. Olay Total Effects Anti Aging Serum

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
2. Follow me on my Instagram @Guiltybytes & leave your handle below
3. Tell me how you'd like to be someone's secret santa in a really cool way.
4. Giveaway result to be annoucned on my Instagram on 30th Dec, 2016


Good luck <3 b="">

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  1. Done all steps..
    3 giveaways and tried luck for all
    Hope 2 win
    Followed u every where

  2. Shah_hiiral is my insta handle
    Hiiral007 is twitter

    Thank you

  3. I wish to be a Secret Santa to few under privileged kids and take them to Fun City or any theme park and have fun with them.. This is my long time wish.Many shall come forward to spend on kids education.. After all they r kids and love to have fun. So i wish to be their Santa and fill some happiness in their hearts.. 😍👍🙏 my Instagram is -@sumisreeni, twitter id -@SumiSreeni

  4. I want to be a secret Santa to my daughter because she loves pretty little things like a dairy, makeup etc. When she was little and her teeth use to break she would keep it under her pillow and the next day would find a gift �� on her bed thinking the Tooth Fairy has kept it. Even though she has grown up and now understands it wasn't the tooth fairy but it was me and her dad, I want to surprise her and be her Santa ���� my Instagram handle is @roshnihn and I'm subscribed to your channel on YouTube as well. YouTube username: Roshni H.N. Also if I win I can share it by using the Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Serum �� #XMasWithGuiltyBytes

  5. Hi Devina!
    I dunno if this qualifies as a “cool” way, however, for the past two years we, a group of friends, take kids of an NGO out for a movie & a meal & games party. This year, a luxury car brand has also joined hands with us to give these under-privileged kids a Joy Ride in their cars and make it a memorable & merry Christmas for them. Love being their “Secret Santa”.
    My insta handle is maneeta21