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5 Easy Ways To Maintain And Style Your Curls!


Curly hair are not easy to maintain at all but today on the blog we have easy tips that will help you tame your curls like no other! 

#1 Pineappling Your Curls
This technique will help you combat frizz. Pull your curls into a loose ponytail, that's fastened at the top of the head. For a better frizz control, try sleeping with your tied hair in a silk scarf.

#2 Leave The Tight Hair Tie:
Super tight ponytails may become your worst enemy. If you want to tie your hair then go for bungee ties or bobby pins.

#3 Go For Loose Updo: 
For curly hairs loose updos are the best thing one can try. You can try romantic updos with bobby pins or use hair clips to tie our hair in a soft looking, casual updo

#4 Spritz Your Curls:
Avoid washing your curls everyday! Mix water and condition in a 7:3 ratio respectively in a spray bottle and use it to style your curls perfectly. 

#5 Avoid Strong Hair gels: 
Hair gels may promise you longer holds but will also make your curls hard and crunchy that will need a wash before any other hairstyle is made.

Simple, isn't it?

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Go and try these tips right now and you can thank us later.

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