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Here's My Experience On Getting A Keratin Treatment & Some Tips!


Makeup trends like contouring, strobing, and ombre highlights have dominated the beauty world but the hair industry is playing big on the much talked about hair treatment, the KERATIN TREATMENT. Keratin treatment is actually a hair straightening treatment that really does help in cutting down all the frizz and hair dryness. Keratin gives your hair sheen & shine but before you get this treatment, you need to determine your hair type and shortlist a salon that is an expert in the same. Here's my experience of getting a keratin treatment at the F Salon, India..

With this treatment I have learnt that this method is a great alternative to constantly straightening your hair but differs a lot from smoothing and re-bonding. Keratin is basically the process of feeding protein to your damaged o abused hair. Conventional straighteners break the protein bonds within the hair’s structure which further gives hair a shape that isn't usual. Keratin does not break the hair’s bonds but instead delivers smoother and healthier-looking hair. 

So How Does The Treatment Work?

Keratin treatment is basically a formula that contains chemicals to make your hair shinier and straight. One of the chemicals include formaldehyde which by the way has a strong odor that you smell while the treatment is going on. Typically, the authentic keratin treatment at the F Salon, India had a safe amount of formaldehyde. The hair specialists started by washing off my hair and blow dried it to get a straighter look. This was followed by protein application on each strand and the hair was then press using a straighter for almost 45 minutes. This was followed by hair setting and all the formula that felt sticky and liquidy set on my hair in no time and even though I was not given a hair wash my hair felt straight but flat. 

Post Care After Keratin!

I was advised not to wash my hair for at-least 48 hours for the formula to work on my hair fully.  I headed to the salon for my hair wash. Post my keratin I have been advised to use sodium-sulfate-free shampoos to help maintain the treatment and I did end up buying GK Hair Global Keratin Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner and I really can't help but I am loving my soft and frizz free locks.

Final Tips To Get A Perfect Keratin Treatment

Ladies, always opt for a stylist and a salon that knows the best of what works for you and your hair. Don't just rush into any local salon that provides a hair spa in the name of a keratin treatment (happened to me twice). Also, consult the salon and tell the hair team to walk you through the process of getting this particular treatment and the pricing for the same. I totally recommend F Salon, India for fuss free hair. 

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