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My Two Step Travel Skincare Featuring Korean Pink Pearl Extract


Life right now is busy, hectic and exciting all at once- there are events that I have to attend, a full-time blog to take care of, celebrate family weddings and then also take on some non-stop traveling to make it all happen. In between the entire huddle, I always strive for ways to look good. You call it demand of my profession or just a disciplined routine; my passion for beauty has led me to develop my own skincare strategy! This is where using the Citra Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash and Pearl Fair Face Cream has only helped my skin become better post the festive season. While I absolutely loved using the Citra green tea range the Citra Pearl range has only exceeded my expectations by improving the overall quality of my skin with the regular usage. 

The very gentle gel texture of the Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash, which is priced at INR 85 for 50 gms and INR 160 for 100 gms, leaves my face feeling fresh and bright. The Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash comes packed with Korea’s best-kept skincare secret, the prized Akoya Pink Pearl that contributes to improving the skin texture over a period of time. Every time I wash my face when I am on the go, my skin feels a lot more radiant and fresh. It really is a great skin care companion especially when you want to wash off all your makeup at the end of the day, and sleep with a happy skin when you are traveling! Squeeze the face wash onto your fingertips and massage onto damp skin. Spread the solution onto your face in small circular motions to improve your skin’s circulation. Once done, rinse your face and pat it dry with a face towel.

Not only a brightening cream, Citra Pearl Fair Face Cream can also be used as a lightweight moisturizer for it comes packed with the Korean pearl extracts. For generations, women in Korea have harnessed the power of pink pearls for their fairness and this face cream is no different. Available at 2 price points—INR 99 for 30 gms and INR 199 for 50 gms- a single pump of the cream quickly gets absorbed into your skin, making your face appear brighter, even-toned and most significantly, leaves your skin with a matte finish. You need to massage the skin gently in upward strokes on your face and then your neck, making sure to illuminate dark areas until the cream is fully absorbed. This will drive away all the dullness of your skin in no time.

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help in maintaining tour skin once you cross your teens and prevent various skin problems. I am sure you can make lifestyle changes, but when it comes to skincare regime, give it a shot with Citra India Korean Pearl Extract Range. 

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  1. I have been planning to get some products from this brand. Korean pearl sounds interesting.