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7 Amazing Trends We Spotted on Instagram All Brides Must Have A Look At!


If you are turning into Bridezilla by following, stalking and spotting different trends to make your wedding a hit, anywhere and everywhere on Internet. Then hang on, as we have made your life a little easier by creating a list of 7 amazing trends you must-must include in your wedding. Pen it all down!

#1 Pink Kaleeras, Oh, So Pretty!
Yes, we just fall in love with the pink! These pink kaleera gave us some major shaddi goals. Still trying to get over this stunning kaleeras.

A photo posted by Rani Pink (@ranipinklove) on

#2 The Indian Choker!
All those who are waiting for some Indian choker trend, the wait is over! We just came across this label who creates beautiful choker necklaces, just right for your mehendi day.

#3  The 'Save The Date' Ideas!
And here is one unique idea for the 'Save the date' announcement. Simply say it with a beautiufl mehendi!

#4 Pretty pastel tulle drapes are just right to make your mehendi a hit!
If you want to add some fun to your mehendi and turn your house instantly ready with mehendi feels, then this tulle drape is right.

A photo posted by Rani Pink (@ranipinklove) on

#5 Amazing blouse designs to set the mood right!
Why go for basic, when you can add some twist to your blouse game. 

#6 The bride clutch!
Sometimes you need to show who is the bride in style! This clutch from the label Butter Milk India, does the job right!

#7 A personalized Hanger!
While so many photographers doing candid photography, you must have this bridal hanger to add the glam.

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