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7 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wedding Outfit, So You Wear It Again & Again!


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It takes lot of efforts to find the right wedding lehenga of your dreams. And in a blink of  an eye the big day ends and we get busy in our married life. And forget to take care of our wedding outfit which we brought with so much love. They are left to hang in our closet for days, months and years. You need to take proper care of the delicate fabrics as they get spoiled easily. #Wedstreetstyle team is here to guide you in keeping your wedding outfit intact.

#1 Dry Clean ASAP!

Do not delay cleaning your lehenga, give it for dry clean now, as if there are stains it will stay over time and will become more and more difficult to remove. The sweat marks too will stay and become dark over the time. So, our advice dry clean your lehenga within a week.

#2 Send it for re-finishing!

Once your wedding outfit is dry cleaned send it back to the store for finishing of loose ends, fallen stones, embellishments and loose threads. It's a great way to keep your outfit as new.

#3 Do not hang the outfit!

It's always advisable not to hang your wedding lehenga in your closet rather keep it folded in a box. To avoid any stains or marks keep it inside mul-mul cloth or acid free white tissue paper, Fold the lehenega skirt too so that beads and the work doesn't get loose.

#4 Storage

Do not store or keep your wedding outfit in an attic or basement, always keep them in a place that is free from extreme change in temperature. Also, remember not to store it in a plastic cover for long term, as the cover will ruin your dress.

#5 Put some Neem!

You need to protect your wedding outfit from insects and moths, so keep dry neem in the box, so that the fabric doesn't gets damaged.

#6 Take out the outfit often

Make sure you take out the outfit to get some fresh air and light, as it will help keep the fabric fresh. 

#7 Check the outfit!

Always check and refold your outfit time to time, to avoid getting it  damaged. No matter you wear it again or not, it's a possession you need to treasure. 

If you have any advice to take care of wedding outfit, do share with us in the comments below..

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