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5 Amazing Tips To Look Prettiest In Your Wedding Photos!


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We know you have spent days and months to finalize your dream wedding lehenga. But just imagine it all gets ruined because of not posing well in your pictures. While you might think hiring a good photographer will solve everything but you forget that a good pictures has lot to do with you also. So, here are 5 amazing tips to look prettiest in your photos.

#1 Don't keep your arms pressed against your body!

Remember always keep yours arms away from the body. The popular hand on waist pose is popular for this reason only. It doesn't make your arm look bulky. This trick will surely make you look stylish and pretty in all your wedding photos.
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#2 Tummy Problem

Another problem that brides usually get scared from is tummy trouble. While it's not a problem when you are standing, but it gets bulge out once you sit. But here is a trick use your dupatta to cover it while you are standing. Also, make sure you sit straight to avoid the bulge.

#3 Show off your lehenga!

You spent months finding your dream lehenga, so show it off whenever you can. Make sure you adjust your lehenga when you sit and stand. Ask your friends to adjust the flares so that you get frame worthy picture.
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#4 Body Language!

Remember your body language can make all difference to your wedding pictures. Although we know it becomes really hard to maintain the posture with heavy lehenga and equally heavy jewellery. But this trick will always help you get the best pictures to frame for your whole life. Ease out your shoulders, keep your back straight and pull your tummy in. Taddaa, now click!
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#5 Smile naturally!

Don't get clicked in a force smile, rather smile naturally. Show off your teeth, make the world remember you as a happiest bride ever. Crack a joke, laugh from inside, interact with friends and photographers. In short be happy it's your day and it will all show in the pictures.
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