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5 Style Ideas From Pakistani Brides To Get Inspired!


There is a sense of familiarity, a hope that we are one, a will to live in a world that had no LOC! Well, that's a dream not possible so soon. But it doesn't stop us from appreciating the another world that looks so familiar. Pakistani brides are the most gorgeous and if you don't believe us, scroll down and see for yourself. While the cultures are not so different, we all are taking some cues from the other side of the bars and vice-versa. So, here our 5 style ideas you can get inspired from a Pakistani bride.  
#1 Carrying Open hair with dupatta!
While in India we always tie our hair in a high or low bun when carrying off dupatta, we can ditch it and get inspired from carrying off the open hair trend with dupatta. It looks much more elegant keeping your hair down with the dupatta.
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#2 Pretty Monotones of White, grey and silver
In India gold is the colour  that overrules all the wedding, but Pakistani brides love more of white, silver and grey. And they carry it off so well that you can't resist yourself from falling. They opt for more of pastel tones than the dark ones which gives them the bridal glow.
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#3 The Passa
Yes, the passa or side jhummar trend has travelled in India from Pakistan and we love the way they style it. It adds the needed feminine touch to their overall ensemble.
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#4 The Layered Jewellery trend
Another thing we noticed was the layering trend. Most of the brides prefer to layer their jewellery, they start from a choker necklace and keep layering it down the navel. It's pretty fascinating and looks gorgeous.
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#5 Long Kurta with lehenga
This trend is becoming big in India too, while most of the brides are opting for a long kurta with lehenga on their pre-wedding function. It's a common style among Pakistani brides, they mostly pair their lehenga with properly fitted, long sleeves kurti. 
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