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Brides! Here Is Your Ultimate Guide To Bikini Waxing!


Shhh! No More! 

While you have already prepared for your shaddi outfit and the night that follows after it, invested in the gorgeous lingerie for the honeymoon to woo him. Well, now comes the time to groom your lady parts and have a serious talk about it. And, especially for you all we have made a complete guide to bridal bikini wax. So, shy no more!

Types of Bikini Wax

Yup, there are different types of bikini wax you can choose from. While for some bikini wax is just associated with a wax down there but there are types to choose. Read on and know what's suits you best!

# Bikini Wax
It simply means waxing only the bikini line. Hair that pops out of the bikini is removed in this, While it depends on salon to salon, but most of them include it in the full leg wax.

# Brazilian Wax
In this all the hair is are removed down there from back to front.While you have an option to leave some in the front.

# French Wax
In French wax all the hair from front is removed and they don't touch the back.

Pre-Waxing Tips

#1 Trying it for the first time just before your wedding? Not at all guide!
Remember if you have never ever waxed down there, make sure you don't experiment just few days before your wedding day. It's not a good idea, anything can go wrong, as waxing for the first time can leave the area sore and tender. You have to plan things well, if you want to get waxed before, make sure you first start it 3 months before the big day. And then follow it up with couple of  sessions.Get the last one 3 days before the wedding. So, that your skin has time to recover.

#2 The length of the hair!
This is not the time to shy away, before you visit the salon make sure your hair is at least a quarter of inch long so that it comes out easily (and you save the ouches).  And in case you have been shaving for so long, make sure before you hit the salon, let the hair grow.

#3 Stay Clean!
We all know how to stay clean, but remember before the appointment make sure you shower, clean the area well. Show some respect to your waxer and also it's a great way to stay away from any infections.

#4 Pop a painkiller for the pain!
It will pain, a lot! Yes, for the first time it's going to pain hell lot, but that doesn't make you to stop experimenting. Just pop a painkiller before the appointment. Talk to someone experienced and ask them how to relax, divert your mind on other things and it will all be OK. Also, remember the more often you do, the less it will pain.

Post Wax Tips

#1 No skinny jeans!
Let the area breath, don't jump into your tight-fitted jeans right away. It will cause you irritation and pain. Also, remember to carry a fresh pair of cotton briefs with you, which you can wear right after the wax.

#2 Moisturize it well!
We all know how delicate and soft the skin down there is. Make sure you moisturize it well, just after the wax. You can also use aloe vera gel to soothe the area.

#3  No hot showers!
Don't jump into hot showers, avoid it at least for 3-4 days after the wax. Also, remember not to use soap or shower gel for atleast 24 hours.

If you know any such tips, share with our #Wedstreetstyle Brides!

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