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3 DIY Bridal Over Night Face Masks To Wake Up With A Glowing Skin


Dear Brides-to-be,
While you are busy running here and there to get ready for your wedding day, you forget to take care of your skin too. Well, we know your days are packed and busy, so we are here to tell you 3 DIY overnight face masks for glowing skin, because the right time to prep your skin is at night.

#1 Overnight green tea mask
Believe us this face masks works wonders to your skin, though you need to have time to make this one. Green tea for the face is really nice and has soothing effect on the skin. It helps cntrol  the excessive oil and also clears the pigmented skin.
Boil 1-2 green bags in a pan for near about 10 minutes Once it cools off, take a bowl and add 2 tbp. of green tea, and mix equal amount of potato juice to it. Stir it well, and apply on the face, neck near eye area using cotton ball. You will see a quick result.

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#2 Tomato Mask
This face mask is really good to clear your dark spots and deep cleansing your skin. All you need to do it take a tomato dip it into the bowl of coconut milk and apply it directly on the face. Once the first layer is dried up apply it again. Let it dry and keep overnight, if you want you can simply mash the tomatoes in coconut milk and using cotton apply it all over you face. This face mask will help filling the pores and hydrating your skin.

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#3 Lemon mask for the glowing skin!
We all know the benefits of lemon. But do you know it's great when we make a mask out of it. It clears the dark spot, pigmented skin and uneven skin area. Just take one tbsp, of lemon juice and mix it with one tbsp. of coconut oil or almond oil. Using cotton or brush apply the mixture on all over your face. Using your finger massage it on the effected area to get the results.

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