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The Ultimate Closet Cleansing Guide You Should Follow To Get An Organized Wardrobe In Minutes!


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Cheer up girls! It's 2017 and with it comes our list of resolutions and promises to start the year on. And in this one resolution is to clean up our closet. But whenever we open our wardrobe and start our cleaning process, we get lost, as we don't know what to keep and what to throw away. Well, we feel you girls. So, here we are with our ultimate guide to help you clean up your closet real fast without having doubts and emotions. Scroll down and have a beautifully organized closet in minutes.

What to Keep?
While cleaning the pile of clothes, one thing we often get confused in is what to keep and what to give away. And it becomes the hard choice for us and the result we are never able to throw away things that we don't wear at all.
- Keep those wardrobe essentials always ready, which might include a simple black coat, blazers, sweatshirt that are easy to style for regular days.
- Special dresses for the party. Though we know it doesn't happen every time but you need to get yourself ready with these special occasion dresses to show off your fashion quotient.
- The high style leather jackets, shoes that are in vogue, we should always keep them in our closet to look our best.
- And those clothes that have some sentimental value attached to it, like your dadi or nani saree that they gave you out of love. After all there are some staples that have emotional values too.

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What to say Buhbye to?
Once you have decided what items you are going to keep, now it's time to sort your pile a little more by saying buhbye to those you don't need anymore.
- Say bye to those items you haven't worn in past 6 months, believe me if you think you will wear it soon, you will not and you know it.
- Don't keep those items that no longer fit you or is too loose because there is no point in keeping it in your wardrobe.
- Overly used tees, yes please just throw it away, because you really have worn it for so long that the item itself wants some rest.

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How to organize your wardrobe?
Ok! You have to trust us, organizing a messy wardrobe is not at all a big task. The first and foremost thing you need to do it invest in good hangers to make your wardrobe look clean and organized. Also, it's a great way to make more space in your otherwise no space wardrobe. And another plus point it will help you pick the best in just few seconds.
- Keep your clothes categorized like tanks tops, blouses, full sleeve shirts, dresses  and coats, then organize your clothes into colour (light to dark). It will not only make your closet look beautiful but it will be one Instagram ready shot.
- Keep those items on the hanger that you are going to wear on regular days and not something that you aren't  going to wear for 2-3 months.

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So, when are you going to clean your closet? 

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