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Brides! Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Avoid Winter Weight Gain!


It's winters, and we are sure all those brides-to-be are scared of gaining weight in this holiday season. As the study proves that we tend to gain maximum in weight in the winters as we eat more and exercise less, So, if you are all set to tie the knot in April or in late winters and following a diet that's showing no result, simply scroll down. As we tell you 5 easy ways to loose weight in winters.

#1 Pick healthy yummy foods!

There is a misconception if you want to loose weight you need to control your diet. However, you can eat what you want just keep the diet in control. Like instead of eating junk, eat healthy yummy foods like boiled carrot, sweet potatoes, turnips etc. As they are sweet and satisfy us on our hunger days.

#2 Add some spices!

Who said dieting needs to be boring and tasteless. Believe us you can enjoy your dieting days by just adding some spices to otherwise boring food. Like add some  herbs to yogurt, oats and your other healthy food diet. It will surely help you forgo the habit of eating less healthy food and you will stick to your diet, with less cheat days.

#3 Eat warming meals to relax!
Cold make us eat more, giving us temptations. But to avoid these temptations our advice is to eat more leafy vegetables, healthy soups to stay off cold. Also, drink herbal tea, ginger and onion that is naturally known to keep the cold at bay. It will definitely help you keep up with the body heat.

#4 Eat before you go out!

Remember if you are going to party or lunch date, there are chances you will stumble upon many unhealthy foods that you should avoid. So, the best  way is to eat before you go out. And if possible use small plates, so that it will give you illusion of eating more. Chew your food properly and eat slowly.

#5 Be a smart cook!
Yes! Often we think what we are cooking is healthy but it's not. Also, it can be the reason you are gaining weight. So, instead opt for smart cooking choices, instead of cooking your food in butter use coconut oil or butter for delicious taste. You can eat bread butter in breakfast, and opt for peanut butter instead of that high calorie butter.

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