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Jay Sean to be a Daddy!


And the not-so-Bollywood news today is that our very own pind ka ladka, Kamaljit Singh Jhooti a.k.a Jay Sean is going to be a DADDY! 

The down singer and his wife Thara Natalie are expecting their first baby together. Jay shared the exciting news on twitter with his followers tweeting: 

What was really funny was the hashtags used to describe a collage of him and his wife. They were- #ididntaddafiltercozidontknowwhetherthebabyprefersvalenciaorhudson #ihopeigotthelittleonesgoodside #althoghallitssidesareawesometome #sappydaddycomment #itwasalreadybeingadivainthewombposingprofileonly

That Natalie Prashad was initially Jay Sean's manager and is now his better half.  With a father of Guyanese Indian descent and a mother of bi-racial American descent, she stepped into a world full of entertainment as a singer herself.

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While looking on web about Jay Sean's wife, I came across a quote from Thara Natalie where on being asked about her singing career that she discontinued after being with Jay Sean she said- Every day, I have people who ask me “don’t you miss singing?” and “how could you give up your career?” but I didn’t give up my career. My career is what brought me to the stage where I was able to meet Jay Sean and it brought me to the place where I could assist in his success. Well Reading this I feel so proud being a woman, HELL YEAH!

To this desi couple, Miss Guiltybytes wishes good luck with the Baby!
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  1. Aww! Thats so sweet.. Congo to them both :D
    xoxo <3

  2. Wow, congratz to them !! :))

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